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ABC News lies about guns – again

ABC was busted before lying about the impact of the assault weapons ban. ABC news even moderating blog comments that corrected the errors. Well, they’re lying again and the video is here.

Confederate Yankee has a lot more:

Today, Ross and accomplice Richard Esposito continue that fine ABC News tradition of making up the news, in a story claiming that the U.S. Second Amendment is to blame for Mexico’s drug cartel problems.

The deception starts with the picture at the beginning of the article.

Yes, according to ABC news you can walk into a gun show and buy all kinds of weapons that are heavily regulated (i.e., no one will sell them to you without the extensive NFA process) and walk those machine guns and short barreled rifles right across the border.

Update: And a suggestion for Mexico: Maybe seal your northern border? Like you did your southern one. That’d keep your drugs out and our guns in.

In other news, Les started using unpossible before I did.

Update: Still more at Stop the ACLU.

11 Responses to “ABC News lies about guns – again”

  1. chris Says:

    Never mind the fact that Mexico is about as lawless as the tribal regions of Pakistan.

  2. CTone Says:

    I skipped the comments and sent them an email. I doubt I’ll get a response with me being less than tactful and all.

    Time will tell.

  3. JKB Says:

    Seems these reports always forget to mention that there are documented cases of Mexican Army units actively supporting the cartels. Even making incursions into the US. I wonder where you might get automatic weapons if you own parts of a national military?

  4. Ron W Says:

    The current Administration, as does ALL THREE of the major party presidential aspirants, favor open borders, So the solution will probably be to further crack down on the 2nd Amendment rights of U.S. to stop “illegal” guns from going to Mexico while they keep the borders open AND appease and accommodate illegal imigration at our expense!

  5. JKB Says:

    Open borders has nothing to do with it. If firearms from the US are making it into Mexico, then it is an export control issue. But strangely, there have been no actions by the export control agencies, i.e., Bureau of Industry and Security and the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. Only the ATF spouting off in press releases.

    BIS and DDTC regularly take administrative, civil and criminal actions against exporter for things most people would not realize were controlled:

    Exports of Gun Sights to Various Locations – In February 2005, BIS assessed a $510,000
    administrative penalty against Bass Pro., Inc. as part of an agreement to settle charges related to
    the unlicensed export of gun sights to a range of destinations. Gun sights are controlled for
    human rights and anti-terrorism reasons.

    And all firearms and ammunition are controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, with the few items that aren’t defined as firearms controlled by the Export Administration Regulations.

    It is simple, the export compliance agents find a weapon that originated or was previously in the US in Mexico. They trace the weapon back to the dealer assuming the exporter can’t be located by back tracing. They inquire as to whom the weapon was sold. They track the illegal exporter and hit him with fines and possible criminal charges. And, if it is discovered that the dealer knew or should have known the weapon was to be exported illegally, then he gets a big fine as well.

    What is wrong with the above scenario? The ATF doesn’t have to be involved although it is assumed they would be to pursue any FFL violations. It would take an afternoon to discover who sold the weapons found in Mexico and it take doesn’t a concerted effort to smear all the FFL dealers to do it.

  6. Ahab Says:

    I like how this story pops up every two or three months, must not be anything else for them to lie about.

  7. BobG Says:

    “I like how this story pops up every two or three months, must not be anything else for them to lie about.”

    Well, you can only stack bullshit so high, then you have to move on and start another pile.

  8. Sulaco Says:

    They are NOT High Capacity magazines!!! They are STANDARD capacity magazines designed for the weapon at the time or issue, like the Browning Hi-Power issued by the maker in 1927 with a 14 round mag.

  9. Kevin Says:

    I saw that report and almost puked I was so disgusted. If “assault rifles” that are being smuggled from the United states are causing the violence in Mexico then why isn’t there equal amount of violence here in the United States? Maybe the police officers in the United States are not as corrupt as their Mexican counterparts. It was the most illogical piece of reporting I have ever seen. I have faith that most of my fellow Americans say through their biased reporting and called them on their shit.

  10. Gregg Says:

    Last time I checked it was a 13 round magazine.

  11. HardCorps Says:

    That unpossible he started using that word before you.

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