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Rule #2


6 Responses to “Rule #2”

  1. HardCorps Says:

    and #1..

  2. Billy Beck Says:

    Holy Christ. That scared me half to death just looking at the first frame before I started playing it. The suspense was terrific: whether we were going to get to the end of it without a 911 call.

    Wotta bloody twit.

  3. Kirk Parker Says:

    No eye protection, either.

  4. Cactus Jack Says:

    Whatta bonehead!

    I was surprised to see that she was shooting a Ruger Alaskan, which is what I’ve been packing for the last 3 months. It had to have been loaded with .45 Colt because .454 Casull would’ve knocked her on her butt.

  5. Hartley Says:

    I have a question – why is the officer in that video carrying his gun stuffed into his waistband in the back?

  6. Dave Stevens Says:

    Further evidence that reporters are made of stupid.

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