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I’m with Phelps, women just carry too much shit. Not counting clothing, on my person as we speak are the following:

Wedding Band
Kel-Tec in holster
Extra mag for Kel-Tec
Phone (which has mp3 player, camera, GPS, and games!)

That’s it. You can drop me off almost anywhere in the country with those items and I’ll likely be fine. With the contents of my truck, it goes from almost anywhere to seriously anywhere.

What else do I need?

The Mrs. carries a monstrous purse. And she can never find her phone.

17 Responses to “Agreed”

  1. Curly Says:

    I leave off the watch. My phone tells time. But I carry a few coins as pocket change.

  2. gattsuru Says:

    You’ve got no way to start a fire, and no flameless light. Both of those can be carried on your person rather easily, and a very important for normal situations.

    I tend to carry rubber bands and string, as well. They’re not as important, but with them you can significantly reduce the jingle from keychains and spare change, as well as deal with stuff normally.

    Women may, around five days a month, also need a bulky box around the size 3″x5″x0.75″ on them.

    But, yes, it’s very rare to see a woman’s purse that doesn’t have way too much random crap in it. Sorry, ladies, but you really do not need to carry three-week-old receipts on you.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Yeah, i wonder why i wear a watch since my phone tells time. but I generally feel naked without it.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    The Mrs. carries a monstrous purse. And she can never find her phone.

    Bitter has the same problem, only with her keys.

  5. Gregory Morris Says:

    I carry about the same exact stuff, minus the watch (phone has a clock), and add a toollogic knife with build-in firesteel. Never know when you’ll need to start a fire.

    Oh, I also don’t carry an extra mag for my keltec, but I did get one of those extended mags.

    The only additional thing in my vehicle is fishing gear though, so that “seriously anywhere” would pretty much only include places near water.

    My wife’s purse actually fluctuates between “huge, containing anything you’d ever need to survive a global nuclear warm” to “normal size, with enough room for a wallet, some basic makeup, and a tide pen.”

    Oh, she also carries one of those cool “miss army” knives in her purse.

  6. Breda Says:

    How many times have you been out at, say, a gun show and picked up things like free literature, beef jerky or whatever and said to your Missus, “Honey, could you stick this in your purse for me?”

  7. HardCorps Says:

    I carry a little LED light on the zipper of my softshell jacket. In the military, I never needed anymore light then that. I got a knife on the key chain, but it’s a POS.

  8. Medicman Says:

    I always carry a Surefire E2E flashlight also. It has come in handy a few times.

  9. Bitter Says:

    Thank you, Breda! 🙂

  10. BobG Says:

    I tend to wear a photographer’s vest when I go out; my wife is always giving me stuff to stick in my pockets. And I tend to carry a lot of stuff anyway.

  11. Tennessee Budd Says:

    I wear a Mini-Maglight, but then I’m a tech. Don’t leave the house without Zippo & at least 2 packs of smokes.
    If I have to take anything else, it goes in the tank bag.

  12. jed Says:

    Interesting, since I just posted last night about using a Maxpedition Versipack, or more correctly, about JR’s wife using one, since I don’t have one. In the winter, I get by just putting extra stuff in jacket pockets. I have a keyclip on my belt on one side, and a sheath for the Swiss Army knife on the other. Generally, I don’t like having pants or shirt pockets filled with stuff, so I try to minimize that. Also, I have a nify leather coin purse, so I don’t have to worry about coins wearing a hole in the pocket (which used to happen a lot) or slipping out when I’m sitting. I also don’t like have a ton of stuff hung off my belt.

  13. drstrangegun Says:

    I actually carry two keychains most days, one a carabiner with a bunch of keyrings for house, truck, cars, etc. and another one with just the key to my little car, a knockoff mini-multitool, and all the little cards for the various grocery stores.

    The separate rings on the first keychain mitigate most of the key jingling, and also make it easy to get just one key off… the cards on the other keychain intermix and kill the rest of the noise. The little multi-tool has a flashlight built in, and I’ve also always got my 3″ CRKT on me, as well as pen, watch, wallet…

    …and unfortunately cellphone, blackberry, and pager. Being a sysadmin sucks sometimes.

  14. Guav Says:

    Holy crap, I totally could have written this entry.

    My wife carries around a huge purse filled with garbage—no, I mean literally, there is actual garbage in there—and tons of shit she never needs throughout the day. Keys? Nope. Phone? Nope (and if she remembers the phone, it’s either not charged, turned off, or on silent).

    My friend DJ has described his wife/women as the forces of chaos, and we are the forces of order—and I’m inclined to agree with him, at least in regards to our relationships.

    Oh, and Breda and Bitter: I am the one who always has to carry the things she picks up or buys because although my messenger bag is no larger than her bag, hers is always too stuffed with random crap, month-old receipts, bags of Cheetos, a phone charger (but no phone) and a zillion other things she doesn’t need that day—she couldn’t fit a brochure or beef jerky in her bag if her life depended on it haha

  15. Cactus Jack Says:

    “The Mrs. carries a monstrous purse. And she can never find her phone.”

    My wife’s purse was like a black hole, matter would enter it never to be seen again. 🙂

  16. Gregory Morris Says:

    Yeah, my wife puts stuff in her purse for me, but when we’re out somewhere that she doesn’t want to carry a purse (say, at Busch Gardens) then I become “Mr. Pockets.” Strange how women’s clothing never has adequate pockets.

  17. Firehand Says:

    Back when I was married and the wife asked me to dig something out of the purse, my usual response was “I’m not sticking my hand in there! There’s no telling what’s hiding in all that stuff!”

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