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Obama on guns

The anti-gun shill group American Hunters and Shooters Association has said of Barack Herbert Walker Obama:

” ‘The gun vote matters,’ says Ray Schoenke, founding president of the American Hunters and Shooters Association. And in Pennsylvania, he says, gun owners who follow key Washington legislation aimed at limiting ownership are moving in Obama’s direction because of his support of past legislation to prohibit the use of federal money to confiscate weapons during a disaster like Hurricane Katrina. It’s the only major difference on gun positions between Obama and Clinton, according to gun advocates, but it’s enough for groups like Schoenke’s to give the Illinois senator a passing grade.

“Schoenke, whose group takes a moderate approach to guns, such as endorsing gun show background checks, says Obama’s support for the legislation suggests that the senator is high on individual rights. He also says the issue could be a key one in Pennsylvania, where Obama is chipping away at Clinton’s lead.”

Shoenke’s group does not take a moderate approach to guns. They are a shill group designed to make Democrats not look anti-gun. And Obama is not at all high on individual right to arms hand has been anti-gun his entire career.

One Response to “Obama on guns”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Aw c’mon! Obama will be a benevolent master. I think he has said he will let us peasants keep our guns–for hunting and target shooting. Isn’t that why his Secret Service agents have their full-auto weapons?? And they carry them in places like his hometown of Chicago where no peasant guns are allowed–but then they may see a deer or need to enjoy a little target shooting.