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Bloggin pays!

A while back, I linked to Gentlemen’s Top Cuts which is a salon for men that features scantily clad women. The have a blog here with pics and video of the scantily clad women. I guess I sent them some traffic and they noticed. So, they offered a free haircut and manicure. I’m going this Saturday and will apparently be their first customer.

I guess I’ll just get a trim since I got a haircut last week. A pretty drastic hair cut too.

14 Responses to “Bloggin pays!”

  1. Gregory Morris Says:

    Score! You’ll post a review, right?

  2. Breda Says:

    oh, please, please tell me you’re getting the metrosexual manicure too!

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Breda, i’ve proudly girled it up before.

    BTW, I’m bummed you and hubby aren’t coming to the 2AB.

  4. Jay G. Says:

    I guess I’ll just get a trim

    You might want to reconsider the wording of this statement based on the establishment you are frequenting…


  5. Bruce Says:

    Never mind…Jay beat me to it.

  6. Breda Says:

    1stly – Jay! Bad! =)

    2ndly – Unc, I’m seriously impressed. Was there polish involved?

  7. Breda Says:

    3rdly – & yeah, we’re bummed too. Very.

  8. Dad Says:

    All of those years I tried to get you to cut your hair. Guess I was not using the right tactics.

  9. Sebastian Says:

    Maybe we’ll have to have a blogger meetup somewhere between Ohio and Kville sometime.

  10. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner Says:

    IIRC, it was Countertop that posted about one of these places opening here in the D.C. area. Ungodly ‘spensive. But hey, if it’s free… I’ll just stick with the Vietnamese gal down the street that does mine for $10.00.

  11. Ahab Says:

    Well, it’s not exactly a wheelbarrow full of cash, but it will have to do.

  12. Captain Holly Says:

    I never understood the point of these places. Why would I pay $30-40 for a haircut by a scantily-clad, beautiful woman that I can’t legally touch when my wife will cut my hair while naked and let me touch her all I want to (in addition to other things) for free?

    Well, maybe not free. If I let her use the credit card for an afternoon, or something like that. 😉

  13. Gregory Morris Says:

    Sebastian: That’s the wrong way to look at it… you are thinking “what’s the most convenient place that we can meet up”… instead, think “what’s the best place we can meet up”. I’d vote for some place warm and sunny… maybe with beaches and palm trees. Oh, and it has to be in a gun-friendly state. And there should also be at least 2 or 3 local gunbloggers to help host it. Can you think of any places like that?

    Just a thought.

  14. Ahab Says:

    Well, I could try and get you all into muzzleloading then have a meet-up around the National ML Championships in Friendship, IN.