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So you know

They looked at my passport too! And, strangely, no one cared.

4 Responses to “So you know”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    from the linked yahoo:

    The violations were detected by internal State Department computer checks because certain records, including those of high-profile people, are “flagged” with a computer tag that tips off supervisors when someone tries to view the records without a proper reason.

    (emphasis mine)

    Peons, of course, well you know. No word on how you get to become state department’s kind of people.

  2. Sigivald Says:

    Well, Standard, notifying supervisors on everyone’s records would make doing anything impossible (since lookups for valid reasons must be very common, that being the entire point of the system, and since it’s likely nigh impossible, programmatically, to detect “valid” vs. “invalid” reasons for access).

    However, the sort of jackhat who’ll snoop people’s records when he shouldn’t is very likely to pick some famous people at some point; putting watches on a number of those produces a much better ratio of “bad” accesses to trap, to find abusers.

    Not an issue of the Peons vs. the Mighty Ones, but of the most efficient way to catch the greatest number of likely abusers of the system.

    This sort of thing is a reasonably smart way to find abuses of such a system.

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    Your point is well taken, another example would be the asshole who lives behind me who’s car alarm goes off every single fricking day. Someone please come and steal the damn thing.

    of course, by only protecting the elite, and by letting everyone know about exactly how the alarm works, you’ve just left almost the whole system wide open for abuse. Agents can snoop on the ethnic neighbor down the street, their daughter’s boyfriend, or that cute blond.

    Fortunately, the contractors have been discharged so they can now take the Fifth. Awesome.

  4. straightarrrow Says:

    I don’t think I see the problem. Perhaps it is because I don’t know enough, but why would their passport records be any more sacrosanct than anyone else’s?

    In fact, a case could be made that the voting public has a right to know where our presidential candidates go and who they talk to. Or at the very least receive the same level of scrutiny that any of us would.

    Someone explain this to me.

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