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My kind of sheriff

El Paso sheriff wants more people to carry weapons:

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa wants more guns – not for his deputies, but for citizens. “Offenders in the jail system tell me they avoid crimes against people because they know there is a very high concealed-carry rate,” Maketa told The Gazette.

But it’s not high enough, and Maketa said he wishes more citizens would train to carry concealed and apply for permits. El Paso County has the highest number of concealed carry permits in the state, at 8,400 – a statistic that makes public safety advocates proud. But El Paso County also has a higher population than any other county in the state.

Even more surprising is that the local press agrees with him.

4 Responses to “My kind of sheriff”

  1. another anon Says:

    FYI, this is El Paso County, Colorado — not Texas, as one might assume.

  2. Darrell Says:

    Ditto Another Anon, El Paso county is Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Though Colorado has swung blue with all the pesky Californicators moving in, El Paso county and the Springs are still the conservative heart of the state.

  3. John Henry Says:

    I love my city.

  4. DoubleTapper Says:

    Here in Israel, the government actually issues full auto M16A1 rifles to civilians for civil defense.

    Unfortunately they regulate everything else!

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

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