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Mall shooting

This weekend, while I was at my secure and undisclosed location, a lot of stuff about the Omaha shooting came my way. And I just now got to it.

Joe has a first hand account from a witness there:

Honestly, and as God as my witness, when I saw him shooting and as watched for a few seconds trying to figure out what he was going to do and what I should do, the thought that when through my mind was, If I had a gun, I have a perfect shot.

Yes, a perfect shot. I had a full side profile, I was close, and no one was visible behind him execept a wall. I had a clear shot during the second round of fire. I told this to every cop I came in contact with.

The next question everyone seemed to ponder is what type of gun is it? First, the press reported that the rifle was an AK-47, which is wrong. Next, it was reported that it was an SKS or an SKK. And, well, no one really knew what an SKK was. Now, AC has a pic.

Murdoc has a post discussing the weapon. Noting the press has a picture of an SKS. My opinion? Well, based on the pic at AC’s, I’m going with a WASR-10. It is a Kalashnikov variant that complied with the assault weapons ban. They look like this. The weapon was not banned by the assault weapons ban.

More from PGP.

Lastly, Indeed.

One Response to “Mall shooting”

  1. Jay G Says:

    The mall where I’m going shopping today has a “No Guns” policy. Fortunately, the state of NH does NOT have binding signage, meaning that all the signs in the world don’t mean shit – all they can do is ask me to leave.

    And that’s all I’ll say about that…