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Reasoned Discoursetm

This guy is a special kind of vile. He posts several whoppers about the ban on weapons that look like assault weapons, like:

Ban On AK-47 Assault Rifle Used In Omaha Mall Rampage Was Lifted By GOP Congress In 2004

Not so. AK-47s have been banned since 1986. And the WASR-10 was not covered by the ban.

And: For 10 years, the AK-47 semiautomatic assault weapon used in the deadly Omaha mall shootings was illegal in America

Again, nope.

The AK-47 is not used for hunting


Basically, everything the guy said was crap and easily refuted. Other folks pointed that out. Instead of doing the honorable thing and correcting the errors, Marc McDonald asked the pro-gun side to stop leaving comments. After all, we can’t have those pesky facts getting in the way of our opinion.

Cowardly liar, indeed.

7 Responses to “Reasoned Discoursetm

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    What amazes me is how he accuses us of dishonesty, lying, fact manipulation, and cowardliness yet he engages in it 100%.

    Here’s the problem – He sees himself as a victim. He can’t be wrong, we are, and to post our comments would simply be allowing us to defame him even more. In his mind he cannot fathom why we are picking on him and no matter how many facts we show him, his brain will simply refuse to process it. It’s a type of denial.

    However, his ilk do our side more good than they imagine. Sure, he’ll get some attaboys from like minded individuals, but fence sitters are bound to see who plays the fair game.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    In his mind he cannot fathom why we are picking on him and no matter how many facts we show him, his brain will simply refuse to process it. Itís a type of denial.

    And that’s why they’re losing.

  3. thirdpower Says:

    I strongly suspect the troll attack over the weekend was one of McDonald’s farm. The posts showed a similar level of maturity.

  4. Robb Allen Says:

    I wonder if Mr. McDonald’s IP address matches that of the foul mouthed troll…


  5. Rabbit Says:

    I’ve a feeling he despises the object purely because he lacks the self-control within himself to be responsible with said object and his own sense of rage.

    Just like most moonbats.

    As an aside, I have hunted deer with an Uzi before, limited to hold three rounds of ammunition, although that was not a requirement. I’ve posted the story before. It was the only firearm available to me at the time of the hunt; I’m a strong believer in using tools that are available.


  6. Rustmeister Says:

    One thing I’ve learned from this:

    If you frame your argument narrowly enough, any counter-argument can be a strawman.

    He kept referring to “gun murders”, thereby disqualifying violent crime, guns used for other than murder, and murder in general. And god help you if you tried to go there.

  7. LawDog Says:

    I sent him a link to this rant of mine.

    I wonder if he’ll be able to comprehend it.

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