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More on* Paul Helmke and the youtube videos

Sebastian says Paul doesn’t know guns. I dunno. It looks like a Saiga to me which would make it a Kalashnikov type rifle. Regardless, it’s not a weapon covered by the various assault weapons bans. The shooter is also from California, which as the assault weapons poor ol’ Paul wants so desperately.

And, to round if off, thirdpower hits Paul where it hurts:

How many candidates, leading, trailing, or otherwise, are begging the Brady Campaign, or any anti-gun group for that matter, for their endorsement?

They don’t need support when they can just invent it on the internet.

* No double entendre intended.

Update: Turns out, the rifle is a Kel-Tec SU16, which is not an AK variant. That info came from Jay Fox himself who emailed Sebastian.

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