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Gun Show Loophole

Ahab notices that is the issue the antis are pushing this week. And the media play along happily repeating misinformation:

Background checks, however, arenít necessary for firearms purchases made at gun shows or from a private seller, which, according to estimates, account for about half of the guns sold in the United States each year.

Outright lie in bold. Sales at gun shows are subject to the same laws that sales not at gun shows are.

Layers of editorial oversight!

3 Responses to “Gun Show Loophole”

  1. mike w. Says:

    The media has been making that same “mistake” for years.

  2. thirdpower Says:

    Cook County, with support from the MMM & BC, have taken it a step further. They are trying to outlaw gun shows completely. At least they’re being honest about that finally.

  3. David Avera Says:

    I go to gun shows a lot, and a friend seldom misses one in Atlanta. We were talking last night and could not remember ever ever ever seeing anyone buying a cartload of handguns or EBRs (evil black rifles) from a private seller. Most of the private sellers I see are selling milsurps, some older hunting rifles and shotguns, somewhat rarely I see handguns and only twice in about 5 years have I seen a private seller with an AR-15.