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PA Action Alert

Sebastian notes some bad stuff brewing in Pennsylvania:

* HB 18, which basically destroys our state’s preemption law
* HB 22, which limits gun purchases to one gun per month
* HB 29, which requires the reporting of a lost or stolen firearm to police under severe legal penalties. This bill has the potential to trap unaware gun owners who are victimized by crimes.

He says to write your reps.

One Response to “PA Action Alert”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    This is the real deal folks. Once a bill gets a vote in the committee, it’s a real threat. There’s always a chance if this stuff hits the floor it will pass. With half a dozen police officers shot this year, with several of those being in the past few weeks, and just last night police officers getting shot at, the Philadelphia media are hitting hard for more gun control from Harrisburg. If the suburbs join Philadelphia in calling for more gun laws, it’s over folks. The rest of Pennsylvania can outvote Philadelphia, but tey can’t outvote the whole metro area.

    Ed Rendell will twist any arm he needs to in order to pass this, and his party controls the General Assembly. He’s also very popular among suburban voters. If you live in Pennsylvania, call your reps, and call the members of the judiciary committee. It’s important they hear from gun owners. We have to stop this here.