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Speaking of Chicks and Guns

Seems my throw away post linking to a video scantily clad women firing machine guns generated a bit of a stink. Well, I didn’t take it seriously either but some folks took issue with it. In comments, Rob said:

Donít get me wrong. Thereís nothing wrong with women in bikinis. Thereís even something hot about chicks and guns. But these types of videos are exactly what the Bradys look for when stereotyping us gunnies.

The lack of safety here is appalling. No eye protection. No hearing protection. Spraying from side to side and from the hip.

No thanks.

And Joe finds it annoying and notes women might find it offensive. Well, I thought it was funny. And that was really it. I didn’t much thought into it.

James thinks they just need more range instruction and volunteered to help.

11 Responses to “Speaking of Chicks and Guns”

  1. Boyd Says:

    As an NRA instructor, I’d be glad to lend James a hand, because we need more women to get active in the shooting sports.


  2. Say Uncle Oppresses Me and I Missed It?! « Tiny Cat Pants Says:

    […] Ha, no, it’s very cute, the gun bloggers are all worried that linking to women in bikinis shooting guns will hurt the gun-ri…. […]

  3. SayUncle » Speaking of Chicks and Guns - updated Says:

    […] In an update to the chicks with machine guns post, Aunt B. (our token feminist) says I’ve oppressed her and she didn’t notice: I think it depends. If the gun-rights movement is filled with lots of images and stories of ordinary women enjoying shooting and owning guns and going to the range for our own reasons and videos of sexy women shooting guns are just a small subset of the images of women shooting guns, then, no, I donít think it turns women off to guns. If anything, we see that men who are gun-nuts do the same things that other men doĖone of which is enjoying looking at women in bikinis. […]

  4. Rustmeister Says:

    It’s about time we got those scantily-clad women off of them motorcycles and cars.

    You realize how many people those things kill every year?

  5. Phelps Says:

    The best part to me was seeing which ones seemed to know how to handle the weapons, and which ones didn’t. Apparently, hair bleach effects your ability to maintain proper form.

  6. Alcibiades McZombie Says:

    One of them seemed to lose control and almost turned into an anti-aircraft gun. The cameraman seemed to panic.

  7. Kit Says:

    I’m a chick and I don’t mind the hot chick videos. When I work with Oleg, I probably do 50% dumb Blue Press style photos and 50% casual Everyday Woman photos. I prefer the latter, but I don’t have a problem with the former.

  8. RAH Says:

    Personally, videos of bikini clad women are juvenile. As a woman it leaves me cold, since the women are counting on sex and looks to sell the image of women and guns. That is contradictory of real women who like to shoot that can look sexy as hell wearing regular gear but just look competent and capable of the kill.

    However I want sexy men videos instead of balding, overweight shooters that are the most common. Then we can laugh at the sexy muscle bound gun idiots and feel superior. Equal time you know.

  9. Jay G Says:

    To add to what RAH said…

    The picture of Tamara on the “People of the Gun” page is about 1,000,000 times more appealing than any of the plastic bimbos in the video (my apologies to Tam if that makes her uncomfortable; that is not my intent).

    And I’ll own up to bald (not balding, that was soooo 10 years ago). 2 years ago, I’d have owned up to overweight, too. Muscular? Yeah, I think so. Mebbe we ought to do a beefcake video for the ladies?

    (Okay, I’m kidding. Please, everyone, take your heads out of the oven. There’s no danger of me taking my shirt off…)

  10. oldguy Says:

    Women might be offended? What’s your point?

  11. SayUncle » Chicks and guns Says:

    […] no, not that kinda movie that got everybody’s panties all bunched up. A look at women and […]

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