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ATF Abuses Update

I noted the language criticizing ATF in the apprporations bill. I got an email from Glen Caroline at NRA noting:

Based on our discussion at the GBR, I thought this would be of interest to you; an area detailing where NRA’s efforts, and the efforts of the bloggers, have produced some movement in the area of BATFE reform. Please cross post this to your lists so all are aware of our efforts on this front.

Thank you,
Glen Caroline, Director
NRA-ILA Grassroots Division


Based on concerns raised by NRA, the House Appropriations Committee report on the Commerce/Justice/Science appropriations bill (H.R. 3093) includes the following language:

“The committee has heard reports that [the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] has pursued license revocations and denials against firearms dealers based on violations that consist largely of recordkeeping errors of various types that are unlikely to impede tracing investigations or prosecution of individuals who use firearms in crime. The Committee encourages ATF to consider lesser gradation of sanctions for recordkeeping errors.”

This is a continuation of NRA’s longstanding efforts to reform the BATFE, and to ensure that any penalties administered by BATFE against FFLs appropriately fit the transgression and that BATFE does not abuse its authority. Last spring, NRA-ILA secured passage in the U.S. House of H.R. 5092, a bill that included many reforms to the process by which BATFE punishes violations of federal law and regulations (more information on bill here). These reforms would have provided a fairer process for FFLs accused of violations. Passage of the bill followed on the heels of House hearings (also prompted by NRA’s efforts) on BATFE abuses with respect to FFL enforcement and gun show operations. Unfortunately, the Senate failed to consider the bill before adjourning for the year.

Others in the pro-gun grassroots community have reported on this issue, including Ryan Horsley of Red’s Trading Post, and numerous other bloggers. Working together, it is our hope that we can continue our mutual efforts to reform BATFE once and for all to reduce and eliminate unjust harassment of legitimate gun dealers.

6 Responses to “ATF Abuses Update”

  1. blackfork Says:

    This agency is actively making war on gun owners, businesses, importers and manufaturers. They aren’t going to be satisfied or stop until they win.

  2. Snowflakes in Hell » Blog Archive » ATF Appropriations Language Says:

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  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    Please cross post this to your lists so all are aware of our efforts on this front.

    Maybe I’ve got a mean streak in me this morning but does this person understand blogs? It makes me think some person needs to set this guy up with a good RSS aggravator and a list of gun bloggers until he can grok everything.

    At least he’s got the email and the mailing list part down.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    SM, they’re new to this internet activism thing. baby steps.

  5. waypasthadenough Says:

    Reform? That’s like trying to ‘reform’ the KGB or the SS.

    The NRA still just doesn’t get it. As a lot of pro-gunners just don’t ‘get it.’

    We need to adopt the same attitude towards our enemies as our ancestors had in WWII.

    “Unconditional surrender.”

  6. Sebastian Says:

    Yeah, except if you do that, Congress will laugh at you. Unless you’re prepared to start a shooting war right now, we’re stuck with the political process, and the reality there is that you won’t get rid of the ATF any time soon. Do you have any idea how long it took just to get rid of the federal agency that set standards for ketchup?

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