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California is No. 2

The states credit rating is the second worst in the nation, better only than Louisiana. California is the only state that has yet to pass a budget this year. They seem to be on track to surpass the record latest budget, passed on Sept. 5, 2002. The current disagreement hinges on how large the deficit will be and controlling the Attorney General. The GOP people want to keep him from sueing cities over global warmining.

You would think the budget would have their full attention but they are still screwing around with other things, including 15 pending firearms and hunting laws. Not all of these proposed laws are horrible, some are just bad.

I wouldn’t trust someone who can’t balance a checkbook with any technical decisions. No wonder these moonbats think microstamping fired cartridges will work. The proposed law only involves semi-autos, by the way. I assume criminals can’t figure out how to operate a revolver.

4 Responses to “California is No. 2”

  1. Ambulance Driver Says:

    Ahhh, yet another list where Louisiana is in last place.

    But, aside from the unlawful gun grabbing by NOPD during Hurricane Katrina, we’re way ahead of Kaifornistan when it come to gun laws! Who’s the punk now, bee-yotch??

  2. Fodder Says:

    Hey, you be nice to me. I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 12. We scooter trash gunnies keep many EMT’s employed!

  3. Cactus Jack Says:

    Since when did ANY “lawmakers” have their priorities straight?

  4. triticale Says:

    I assume criminals canít figure out how to operate a revolver.

    Has been known to happen. A couple decades ago, a lowlife in Chicago stole an old single action Colt, and tried to use it in the armed robbery of someone who understood that, uncocked, it wasn’t a threat.

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