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Ammunition shortage for police.

The military is getting the first of the ammunition, and most have dedicated suppliers that ONLY manufacture ammo for them.

The police forces buy from the same places civilians do.

At least, that’s what this article says.

And they’re running low, cutting funding for training classes needed in order for them to qualify and carry certain weapons.

Maybe they should have someone in-house re-packing shells? It’s an idea, at least.

Those without weapons claiming that the police are the only ones who should have guns need to pay attention to this sort of thing. If the police can’t get bullets, how are they supposed to protect anyone, least of all themselves?

(H/T to Jesse via email)

7 Responses to “Ammunition shortage for police.”

  1. Cactus Jack Says:

    “If the police cant get bullets, how are they supposed to protect anyone, least of all themselves?”
    If the police did acually protect us I’d be concerned but WE protect OURSELVES. Anyone who relies on others to protect them is a fool.

  2. Squeaky Wheel Says:

    Well, yeah – that was kind of my point. Anti-gun people are saying, “let the police do the shooting, and citizens can just rest easy” – but the police aren’t immune to problems, so it’s stupid to assume that they are.

    I’m all about protecting myself. 🙂

  3. phelps Says:

    There us also the issue of there not being any police ammo manufacturers at all without a civilian market.

  4. gattsuru Says:

    Er… I also haven’t seen any shops with a “On Order” sign for .223, at least none bigger than a Wal Mart. The same goes for any police-used ammunition. Waiting a year for .38 special? They’re kidding, right?

    I’d be amazed if the reality was that they’re just not willing to pay more for more expensive ammo, and the ammo makers have little incentive to give ammo away at or below what everyone else is willing to pay.

    Anyway, I really worry about the folk who think the police are around to protect citizens. It’s not just a foolish delusion for the defenseless citizenry, but for the police officers as well — with the vast majority of their time spent enforcing the law even (or especially) when no one is being protected by it must be damned disheartening.

  5. straightarrow Says:

    Most law enforcement personnel are in the revenue generating business. One speeder brings in more money than arresting ten murderers or rapists. One seatbelt violation, same thing. Maryland bought its troopers night vision equipment so they could check seat belts usage after dark and keep the revenue stream flowing.

    I am sure that they could have done better with that money if they cared to do so. But, we must keep that revenue stream up.

    I know some here will think I am grinding an ax and perhaps I am, but how many times when a policing unit’s personnel are negotiating pay and benefits, do we see them threaten to quit or slow down production (production being traffic citations)? Too often to believe revenue generation isn’t the main objective of most law enforcement agencies.

    Ask any honest cop, assuming you can find one if he has ever been threatened with administrative punishment for not writing enough tickets.

    They are not obligated to protect you. They are obligated to protect their pensions.

  6. Pro-Gun Progressive » Ammo Shortage Says:

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  7. David Says:

    I know a local police department that just ordered 1000rnds of 40S&W HP and 1000rnds of 40S&W JHP, 1000rnds of .223 and it arrived within a couple of weeks. I don’t know where these other departments order from, maybe they are on contract with someone who can’t afford to uphold the contract at the current market prices or is selling to others who are giving market price before shipping to the police.

    Yes, the price of metals is up. Yes, we will all have to pay more for ammo, re-loading supplies and the like.

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