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More Reasoned Discourse

What is reasoned discourse with the anti-gun establishment?† Paul Helmke certainly says he wants more of it, so he closed down comments on Brady’s blog.†† Bryan Miller, President of CeaseFire PA and NJ, has this to say about us in the comments:

As I’ve said previously, I have neither time nor inclination to respond to all of your picayune, silly, arrogant and incredibly self-righteous comments. I will, no doubt, touch on all of the issues you raise (except Libertarianism, which is beyond my brief) over time in my blog.

I’d admonish you to be patient, but I’m glad you’re compelled to comment ad nauseum, it shows normal folks how dangerously extreme many of you are. Thanks for that.

Emphasis mine.† Can you feel the reasoned discorse yet?

4 Responses to “More Reasoned Discourse”

  1. Cactus Jack Says:

    “all of your picayune, silly, arrogant and incredibly self-righteous comments.”

    It sounds like Bryan’s describing his own comments.

  2. Ambulance Driver Says:

    Hmmm, can you spell PROJECTING, Bryan?

  3. Dave Says:

    “I have neither time nor inclination to respond” translates roughly into english as ” I don’t have any response other than hysterically clinging to my bankrupt ideology while throwing juvenile insults.”

  4. Jake Witmer Says:

    Say what you will, you’re TALKING. Using reason, logic, argumentation, and peaceful debate to try to get your point across. Ironically, it is Helmke’s side that is using GUNS. As we speak.

    In any US court of lies, if someone who’s being railroaded and denied their right to a fair jury trial even _tries_ to SPEAK the truth, the judge will threaten him with force (A “contempt of court” charge that is applied without a trial, and carries the stiff punishment of jail time, and an excessive fine –which is forbidden by the 1st amendment, and the 8th amendment). Police (with GUNS!) will escort those so inclined from the court room. They will then be gagged, possibly even literally and physically gagged, should they return to court to face additional charges.

    Why continue to argue with Helmke? Someone on his side will simply shoot you, if you keep it up (though Helmke himself probably won’t do it, since he’s only a mouthpiece for democide, not the actuall mass-murderer himself –he lacks the balls to do anything more than apologize for Stalinism). Moreover, Helmke is vastly too stupid to understand even the simplest of logic, so you are only giving him minutes of your hard-earned life by “debating” with him.

    The anti-gun side has NEVER debated. They simply bleat that emotions trump logic, over and over again, until the men who command the most stolen guns point them at the men who paid for their guns.

    And that’s why we live in a diseased culture of theft, and not a gun culture.

    Luckily, what little gun culture we have usually shoots better than the theft culture (I’ll make an exception for FBI agent Lon Horiuchi, who usually hits what he’s aiming for…).

    America doesn’t exist anymore, it hasn’t for a long time. It’s time to retire the flag, since right now it’s being flown right next to the Union Yes! bumper stickers, the “Don’t Blame Me, I voted for __(name of D/R socialist turd)__” bumber stickers, and “I have an honor roll student at __(name of local government youth propaganda camp)___”. What part of Sam Adams’ dream is left?

    Old glory! She’s had a good run! But now she’s just a piece of cloth, and it’s time to fight again for the Gadsden! May she drink deeply of the enemy, foreign, and domestic (and domesticated)…

    “Don’t Tread On Me” –there’s no way to say that “that only pertains to the militia”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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