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Quote of the Day

Last night’s Colbert:

For those of you who don’t know what a “blogger” is, it’s someone with a laptop, an axe to grind, and their virginity.


8 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Michael Says:

    For one, I don’t use a laptop, but a desktop, two if it wasn’t for jerks like Colbert, I wouldn’t much of an axe to grind. As for the last swarmy comment you made towards bloggers. No more then you have some resemblance of a personality or credibility.

  2. chris Says:

    Good to hear from you, tgirsch.

    I have been wanting to call you when I go to Memphis, which is about once a month (on the weekend), to do some shooting.

    I keep a couple of 1911s there.

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    C’mon, that was pretty funny. Remember how many millions of blogs there are out there, the majority of which last a month or less and are grammatically atrocious.

  4. Xrlq Says:

    Heh. I think I’ll bookmark this entry and bring it up the next time someone gives me grief for not blogging enough.

  5. nk Says:

    I can give up my laptop and as for an ax to grind, I am easily distracted and I never could hold a grudge for long. As for my virginity, I would not want it back because that would deprive me of a wonderful daughter.

  6. serr8d Says:

    Ummmm….not an axe, a knife


  7. Linoge Says:

    So what does that make those of us with the first two, but not the last? 🙂

  8. tgirsch Says:


    Would love to, although my weekends have been full up lately. Let me know. tgirsch-at-gmail-dot-com


    Methinks thou dost protest too much. 🙂

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