Top Heavy

Bitter’s looking at the Violence Policy Center’s finances and notes their revenue and net assets are dropping. Well, their revenue is likely down because people who donate to a cause expect some results and the VPC has had none. Also, I don’t think the decrease in net assets is indicative of much. After all, people don’t like their causes sitting on cash. They like it spent. Seems they’re having trouble getting contributions. I wonder if Joyce dropped their grant dollars.

Most of their expenses are related to salaries and benefits. And they have quite a few employees that make enough to qualify to be disclosed on their 990. At first, I thought this was odd for a non-profit but, once I thought about it, it is not for activists who don’t really provide any service (of course, the VPC provides nothing but the occasional pants-shitting media quote about how we’re all gonna die at the hands of evil Saturday night special 50 caliber assault sniper weapon rifle handgun automatic semi-automatic bullet hose designed for spray firing from the hip at targets four miles awaytm.

And Mark Karlin is on their board? Where have I heard that name before? Oh, yeah.

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