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The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership Blog goes poof

Here’s the site. Seems it may be down for the count. So, here’s some thoughts on that.

What I do know:

  • They started a blog.
  • Most of their commentators are pro-gun. And the pro-gun side was handily winning the debate over there because the two anti-gun commentators were retarded.
  • They made some BS post about changes, which meant they shut the blog and its comments down. The posts are still there but there is no activity.
  • What I suspect (i.e., no proof just a guess – could be wrong but probably not):

  • They didn’t like providing a platform in which they were so easily refuted and obviously losing the debate. See, they like it when they’re not challenged and can spit out their pants-shitting hysterics without one of us gun nuts correcting them. That’s why they love the press!
  • I think some staffers were in charge of the blog and doubt that, with the exception of some talking points, that Helmke was that involved with writing for it.
  • I think Macca is an intern or some other low-level feeb and this was partially his side project. Though now, he’s in comments at SIH claiming he’s a cop in an anti-gang unit. That’s bullshit but if it were true, it’d be a rather delicious irony. I mean, don’t cops carry guns and wouldn’t doing so be an admission that, uh, they don’t just exist to kill people?
  • I thought Kelli was Gonzo. But some others have speculated that she’s really a pro-gun plant designed to make anti-gunners look even more stupid. I doubt that but could be.
  • My prediction (and I’ll bet a beer on it): The blog will continue without comments or be shut down. After all, their views quickly fall apart when there is actually reasoned discourse and there are challenges to their lies. The long and short of it: We win, they lose. But that seems to be the trend for the last 15 years, don’t it? I mean sure, they keep getting victories in places like MA, CA, and NJ but that’s not so much a big deal since those are pretty much lost causes. But that’s it. They can’t even get their AWB pipe dream in Illinois or MD, which I would have bet were sure things.

    SM predicted it but got the timing wrong:

    What they (The Brady Campaign) haven’t figured out yet is that their particular brand of propaganda requires endless repeats of the same damn lies until people take their claims as the truth. Letting in dissent from just anyone with a browser would ruin the effect. It can’t last. I’ll give it 48 hours, tops, until they put some kind of moderation in place.

    More at SM:

    With that message, they have closed comments on every active post. It seems pretty clear to everyone what change #1 is going to be. I would imagine that the comments onslaught would continue over on Huffington Post, but I note that Paul’s last two entries have not been crossposted.

    PGP says:

    As you may have heard, apparently they’re tired of getting shellacked on their own blogsite, so…the solution is turn off the comments! Funny!


    We wish the Brady’s the best of luck with their new and improved blog, that no one will read now.

    11 Responses to “The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership Blog goes poof”

    1. Jacob Says:

      One of the moonbats at New Yorkers Against Gun Violence also has a blog, Under Fire.

      She seems to have given up on it. I don’t think she could take all the pro-gunners pointing out stupidity.

    2. Greg Morris Says:

      Maybe one of the changes will be that the comment “submit” button requires a cash donation… Lord knows they need it. I just want to know where we’re gonna find a new anti-gun forum where we can trash anti-gun propaganda…

    3. Two--Four Says:

      […] Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence blog is going to hold its breath until it turns blue, now. Say Uncle speculates. Pretty funny. Jul 30, 07 | 10:43 am AxeBitesVarious guitars I see floating by, […]

    4. Snowflakes in Hell » Blog Archive » Lessons from Macca Says:

      […] we know that SayUncle posted here his theory for what happened with the Brady Blog.  I suspected that Macca was a young staffer, but I would appear to have been […]

    5. SayUncle » I was right Says:

      […] About Brady Blog commentator macca. Probably. Sebastian says he’s figured out who Macca is. But he ain’t telling. The hints are there so Macca will know. Any way, it once again proves there’s not much grassroots on the other side. Mmm, interesting. […]

    6. Rob K Says:

      New post from the illustrious Paul Helmke! Of course, no comments allowed! This is so funny from the bottom of the post:

      No Comments
      No comments yet.
      RSS feed for comments on this post.

      Sorry, comment limit exceeded for this entry.

      Bunch of chickens!

    7. SayUncle » Cat got your fingers? Says:

      […] no comments. Told ya. We […]

    8. Jared McLaughlin Says:

      Kelli is exactly who she says she is. I’ve verified it through documentation available to me. I will not stand for her arguments but I will personally attest to her honesty in identifying herself to the extent that she has.

    9. SayUncle » Mo’ caca Says:

      […] BTW, in comments, Jared states that: Kelli [the other anti-gun commenter at the Brady blog – ed] is exactly who she […]

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      […] was no better source for pro-gun information than the Brady Blog itself. So, they shut off comments. Additionally, other anti-gun blogs suffer the similar fates: Another anti-gun blog starts up […]

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