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I was right

About Brady Blog commentator macca. Probably. Sebastian says he’s figured out who Macca is. But he ain’t telling. The hints are there so Macca will know. Any way, it once again proves there’s not much grassroots on the other side. Mmm, interesting.

5 Responses to “I was right”

  1. Jim W Says:

    My bet is on [redacted – ed]. Macca could be short for her name. Probably lying about being in law enforcement, but they lie about everything so it wouldn’t be a shocker.

  2. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    I dunno how he figured that Macca was a board member, but if he’s correct about that, then I know who Macca is too.

    And I will out him unless TOS really doesn’t want me to.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Jim, I redacted the ID. I tend to not like outing people. No offense and I’m not crushing dissent.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    oh, but you were correct.

  5. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    For the record, I was close but no cigar.

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