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guns don’t kill people

The story so far: Some dude calls his guns his babies.

This creeps some lefty out.

Gun nut says: people call their nice cars, motorcycles, and the fruits of other expensive hobbies their babies. What’s the big deal?

Lefty says: guns are designed to kill!!!!

Au contraire, mon cracker. A gun is designed to propel a projectile. Said projectile may (or may not) be designed to kill. Most ammo is designed for that. But some ammo is designed for long range accuracy, some for launching other projectiles, some to be quiet, some for target shooting, some for practice, etc. I’m being smarmy for a reason. It is this:

Regardless, the intent to kill rests on the person and not the object.

Now, that is not to minimize guns nor imply they are happy, fluffy bunnies full of happiness. The primary purpose of them is to kill. So, as gun owners, don’t forget that.

Yesterday, millions of guns and their owners didn’t kill anybody.

7 Responses to “guns don’t kill people”

  1. Pete Drum Says:

    But a few did.

  2. #9 Says:

    Makes about as much sense as saying SUVs only purpose is to kill people. A whole new mode of journalism has evolved with reporting of SUV accidents.

    SUV runs over man…SUV rams building…SUV drags woman…

    Reporters write like these SUVs are sentient beings determined to exterminate all of mankind.

    All this time I thought SUV’s were just big station wagons used to haul kids and groceries from one point to another.

  3. Madrocketscientist Says:

    No, SUVs are designed to guzzle gas (transporting people and cargo is merely a side benefit of guzzling gas).

    Of course, Hummers are designed to kill since they are merely the civilian version of a military weapon (kinda like an AR-15).

  4. tkdkerry Says:

    Why is it these numb-nuts are incapable of understanding that the philosophical purpose of a defensive firearm is to project strength? The ideal is that a show of sufficient strength will deter an attack and avoid violence altogether.

    Oh, wait… my bad. I forgot that to the lefties “strength” is brutish and ugly, and an attribute only of those who drag their knuckles and want to kill everything they see.

  5. Fodder Says:

    Statistically speaking, fear of automobiles and power tools is more rational.
    Far more death and injury from those than guns (in the US, anyway).

  6. Sailorcurt Says:

    The primary purpose of them is to kill.

    I must respectfully disagree. The primary purpose of a properly employed firearm is not to cause harm, but to prevent it.

    In some cases, the only way to prevent harm to oneself and one’s family is to cause harm to the aggressor, but that is not the primary purpose…the primary purpose is to prevent the aggressor from causing harm to you and yours.

    Of course, in the hands of a murderer, the primary purpose may be to kill…but that comes back to your original (correct) premise that “the intent to kill rests on the person and not the object.”

  7. Ravenwood Says:

    Why weren’t they creeped out by the talking snowman or any of the lefty kooks.

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