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Media: We should advocate gun control

Well, the only surprise is that they’re admitting it now. They’ve been taking dictation from anti-gun groups for years. Says Newsbusters:

CBS Blogger: We Need More Gun Control Stories

In an April 25 post, CBS’s “Public Eye” editor Brian Montopoli worries that the media are not doing enough reporting on gun control, lamenting that the media are waiting for political players to gin up the issue.

There were reasons not to take up larger issues and assign blame in the immediate wake of the shootings those first few days needed to be about how people were dealing with the horror of what had taken place. But some time has now passed, and I’m hard pressed to think of a better time for the media to focus on a huge issue that isn’t going away anytime soon.

I’m sorry, but where has this dude been?

Jeff says:

So what Montopoli appears to say is that since media thinks theres a problem of gun availability in this country, its up to media to fan the flames of the people to demand more gun control laws.

I’m not that concerned. Sounds like business as usual to me.

One Response to “Media: We should advocate gun control”

  1. Tam Says:

    I thought they were supposed to report news, not shape public policy?