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Don’t scare white people

I’m a gun nut. And a pretty hardcore one at that. However, I’m about to lose some of my gun nut street cred. I’d like to touch on one of my rules for convincing others why I’m right. I’ve alluded to it before (here and here) but I don’t think I’ve ever written about it specifically. Are you ready? It’s real simple:

Don’t scare white people.

Uncle, you say, What the Hell are you talking about? Well, let me explain. Most people in this country fit a certain demographic. That demographic is the prototypical family with two cars, 2.4 kids, stability, owns a home, is in debt, have no issues with gay people other than they don’t want them to get married, etc., etc. Most decisions in this country in terms of legislation center around what these people think. So, when I say white people, that’s who I mean. Don’t scare them. If you scare them off by appearing excessively gun nutty, then you’re turning the people who politicians almost exclusively pander to against you. So, don’t go get a sign that says:

Rep. Cruz should be hung from the tree of liberty for treasonous acts against the Constitution

And show up at a protest. First of all, it’s hanged. Secondly, it’s not smart. Sure, your heart may be in the right place and all that other hippie tree hugging crap to make you feel better about yourself. But white people think you’re fucking nuts. And you’re not doing gun rights any favors. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rep. Cruz is a moron. His bill would require gun registration and a $10-a-gun annual fee. And, well, that’s probably unconstitutional. But that’s no excuse to out-moron him. See, I’ve come close to saying things like that before and then actually did a blog post about me thinking about saying it and then deciding it’s not something that should be said. And then saying it in a weasel way because I’d done fessed up to thinking it.

And, if it’s any consolation, his supporters don’t quite get the first amendment either when they say:

No one has the right to call for the lynching of another human being — no one

Sure they do. It’s not a smart thing and if they actually incite someone to do it, they should be held accountable. But we can say crazy shit like that. The issue, for me, is that it’s stupid to say stuff like that.

And here’s the other thing: The press loves to show off some right wing nut jobs and gun nuts. If some right winger or gun nut does something stupid, it’s all over the news. However, idiots at left wing protests rarely get press coverage. You’ll never see these photos or significant coverage of them in an AP story.


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20 Responses to “Don’t scare white people”

  1. The Freeholder Says:

    Uncle, you don’t suppose that this could have been the work of agent provocateurs, do you?

  2. David Codrea Says:

    I don’t disagree with you at all Uncle. There’s a context for when I wrote ‘it’s not a figure of speech.’ I was admonishing the banner holders for not knowing where the phrase they misapplied and abused came from–along with noting, as you did, that it’s ‘hanged.’

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Freeholder, no. they are members of the state’s constitution party.

    David, thanks for clarifying.

  4. Xrlq Says:

    Add to that the fact that advocating stupid or even unconstitutional statutes has nothing to do with treason, and I’d say we’ve got ourselves a pretty well-rounded idiot.

  5. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    This has been something I’ve blogged on repeatedly. We gunnies have to do it smarter and cleaner than the other guy, to borrow from that celluloid nightmare Top Gun.

    When gun rights activists are linked to people that do all sorts of stupid stuff…it really does boomerang on us pretty nastily.

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  8. serr8d Says:

    I see some of that ‘gun-nut fear’ even in my brother-in-law duck hunters, and we all remember the Jim Zumbo fiasco.

    I’m definitely a gun nut; my dad was a gunsmith, and at age six or so I was swinging from the barrel of a 20mm Swedish Lhati anti-tank gun he had in place of a living room coffee table (alas, he sold it in ’68, prior to the registration rulez). I learned shooting as second-nature in Arizona, had my first .44 Magnum when I was 15 (a Cattleman that kept extruding it’s base-pin after every shot…)

    But that is kept, now, in abeyance, to a degree. I have other crafts, hobbies, and interests, and it’s all part of a well-rounded package. I will make sure that the message and beliefs of our gun rights are properly dispensed, by introducing as many as possible to the ranges and to shooting sports.

    It’s a lifetime commitment.

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