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Fred Thompson on Gun Control

Uncle Fred says:

Despite such attitudes, average Americans have always made up the front line against crime. Through programs like Neighborhood Watch and Amber Alert, we are stopping and catching criminals daily. Normal people tackled “shoe bomber” Richard Reid as he was trying to blow up an airliner. It was a truck driver who found the D.C. snipers. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that civilians use firearms to prevent at least a half million crimes annually.

When people capable of performing acts of heroism are discouraged or denied the opportunity, our society is all the poorer. And from the selfless examples of the passengers on Flight 93 on 9/11 to Virginia Tech professor Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor who sacrificed himself to save his students earlier this week, we know what extraordinary acts of heroism ordinary citizens are capable of.

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11 Responses to “Fred Thompson on Gun Control”

  1. Ron W Says:

    That’s an excellent statement by Fred Thompson on the RKBA, especially as it applies to the gun-free, criminal safe zones that are typically imposed from the top down.

  2. Captain Holly Says:

    Mr. Thompson just won himself the Republican nomination, if he ever decides to run.

    I re-watched Hunt for Red October last night with my son. Thompson played the part of the commander of the aircraft carrier and he was pretty convincing. He seems to exude a sense of leadership.

  3. #9 Says:

    I hope Fred Thompson does run. This country needs him.

    I am so tired of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barry Obama, and Harry Reid. The shrill defeatism they spew wears me out. They are not tolerate people, they just play tolerant people on television.

    They all remind me of this Alec Baldwin guy. Who can forget this famous Alec Baldwin piece?

  4. Robert Says:

    I’m going early and standing in line to vote for Fred every time I can.

  5. Hemlock Says:

    At the moment I’m voting for “None of The Above” in the
    Republicans current offering. PLEASE RUN FRED!!!

  6. Diamondback Says:

    There aren’t too many people in this world I would go out of the way to shake their hand. There are practically no politicians that I would and I’ve met a few. Fred is at the top of the list if I every get the chance.

  7. straightarrow Says:

    To date all the politicians I have met, I have managed to insult. Fred Thompson would not be one of them.

  8. Steve Says:

    Maybe it boils down to Fred T being a common sense American? It sounds like, from the Robert Novak columns, that he’s waiting for some work-obligations to end (late May or June) before he can jump in.

    I don’t normally contribute to political campaigns other than 2A issues, but I’m saving to contribute to his campaign. And blogging for free.

  9. Laura Says:

    Guys, I wish so so damn bad I could agree with you. I like so much of what Thompson’s said and written, and I don’t care much for any of the existing canditates out there now.

    But! Fred Thompson was one of the chief sponsors and supporters of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance “Reform” bill when Thompson was in the senate. He was one of only four Republicans to support this bill which became law, which continues to this day to drastically restrict average people’s right to free political speech.

    I can’t tell you how heatbroken I was when I found this out last week. But I will never forgive McCain for repealing the First Amendment, so I could never vote for a man who helped spit on our Constitution right beside him.


  10. Rob Huddleston Says:

    Laura –

    I used to work for Senator Thompson, but we couldn’t have seen the McCain-Feingold situation more differently. Fred wanted to take the money issue out of politics. I advocated that this wasn’t the way to do it. Of course, Fred won out.

    However, Fred has admitted – even before all of this talk of 2008 started – that his vote was wrong for McCain-Feingold and that the law was a monumental failure.

    He may not have been right then, but at least he came around.



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