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Thought Experiment Responses

Here are some responses to my little thought experiment that I proposed here. Quite a few folks said Sorry, unc, I ain’t playing because I’m one of those shall not be infringed guys. And that’s fine. I respect that. I’m just linking to responses. Most of these posts are well-reasoned and detailed (meaning longer than your average blog post) so I don’t think excerpting conveys the whole message.


Rob Allen


Dixit Insipiens

I’ll add more as I get them. As for me personally, I’d be willing to sacrifice two non-starters:

1) Gun show loophole – No loophole there, really. So, let them have it.

2) Ballistic fingerprinting – another non-starter. Sure, it’s a colossal waste of money and resources but it’s not inherently an infringement on the right to arms.

In return, I’d want:

1) repeal of the Hughes amendment.

2) repeal of the sporting purposes language.

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