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Barrel shroud

BTW, these are also known by their more common name: Handguards. Here’s some.

6 Responses to “Barrel shroud”

  1. Weary_G Says:


    Doesn’t this sum all of it up?

    McCarthy wants to do something, nomatter what it is or what the actual effect is. Symbolism/style over substance. One wonders how the barrel shroud got in there, into legislation that McCarthy strongly supported if not initiated.

    Did some flunky actually look up a barrel shroud, and see what it was, and say “Ooooh, that looks scary. Let’s ban that!”


    Did they just see the term and say “Ooooh, Shroud! Sounds ominous and scary. Shroud equals death. Let’s ban that!”

    Either or, the fact that much of our government operates on such shallow depths of analysis explains much of our woes.

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    And all this time I thought a barrel shroud was a “shoulder thing that goes up”. Silly me.

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    Barrell shrouds allow you to grasp a hot barrel while you are spray firing from the hip.

  4. Andy Freeman Says:

    > Barrell shrouds allow you to grasp a hot barrel while you are spray firing from the hip.

    So do towels, gloves, etc.

    One problem with “grasp a hot barrel while you are spray firing from the hip” is that there’s no reason to grab the barrel while spray firing from the hip.

    Note also that spray firing from the hip is the least effective way of shooting anyone, so even if banning barrel shrouds made spray firing from the hip less likely, the effect would be to make amok-killers more effective. Why is that a goal of the gun controller movement?

  5. JackHughs Says:

    Anyone wishing to understand the concept of a “barrel shroud” need only look to the 1903 Springfield, the M1 Garand, the K98 Mauser and to all other similar wooden-stocked rifles.

    In these rifles, the “barrel shroud” consists of the wooden stock and a wooden handguard. The reason for the “barrel shroud” is to help assure that the operator is not accidentally burned by a hot barrel.

    On any rifle, a “barrel shroud” is, in truth, a safety device to prevent injury to the operator. It speaks volumes regarding the ignorance of many legislators that they would seek to ban a component whose purpose to to prevent unnecessary injury to a user.


  6. Diamondback Says:

    How would one spray fire a semi-auto anyway? ridiculous. Hand guards are to protect the user from the heat of the barrel. Nothing else. A similar arguement could be made for sound suppressors. A device that protects ones hearing and actually reduces the velocity of a firearm. I never have understood why they’re regulated in this country when they’re not in European countries that have stricter gun laws.

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