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SayUncle v. Professional Privilege Taxes – The Final Chapter

See prior posts here and here. Yesterday, we recieved the waiver in the mail. And I swear to Jebus I am not making this up: they mailed it to the wrong address. Fortunately, we’re the only house on our block of the road so the postal worker got it to us.

And that concludes this lesson of fun with licensing agents.

2 Responses to “SayUncle v. Professional Privilege Taxes – The Final Chapter”

  1. Fodder Says:

    “were the only house on our block of the road”

    I sure would like to know what living like that is again. Haven’t since childhood.

  2. Austin Mike Says:

    For sheer unadulterated lack of employee motivation, try the Maryland DMV, especially in downtown Baltimore. With a line of 120 sheeples waiting, and only 2 windows open at 4pm, and about 5min per person rate of service, and closing at 5pm, the person in charge of assigning numbers to those in line just kept assigning numbers. When I pointed out the obvious result that would ensue, she handed me a number (again) and said the workers stopped at 5pm.

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