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H.R. 1791: Fairness in Firearms Testing Act

I dig it:

U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey today introduced H.R. 1791, the Fairness in Firearms Testing Act. This legislation improves consistency and accountability in firearm testing by giving U.S. gun manufactures access to video documentation of their products’ testing at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). Video documentation will give firearm manufactures the right to contest and review BATFE testing decisions, which are highly inconsistent.

“Currently, BATFE lacks written procedures and clear guidelines for firearm testing,” Gingrey said. “How can we expect firearm manufacturers – or any industry, for that matter – to comply with moving target regulations? The Bureau’s rulings are so inconsistent that BATFE threatened to prosecute one gun manufacturer in Heard County, Georgia not even a year after sending written approval for that company’s product. This runaround is a waste of time and resources. My legislation will help restore accountability to the BATFE testing process and help restore the words ‘made in America’ to our firearms.”

In the past five years, 85 percent of American firearm manufactures have gone out of businesses, largely due to complex and ever-changing regulations. H.R. 1791 is a step toward the goal of formal, written firearm testing guidelines, and helps ensure a level playing ground for both BATFE agents and manufacturers.

A to the Men. The ATF has pulled some real boners. For example:

  • one overzealous agent determined that a malfunctioning semi-automatic was a machine gun, even though experts said that was not the case. Said weapon was malfunctioning and, by even messing with it, it was dangerous as the weapon was capable of firing out of battery. This was caught on tape.
  • Also, one gun maker created a belt fed upper receiver that mounted to Mac’s. Said receiver was originally classified as a perfectly legal. Said gun maker then made them for sale to people who owned pre-86 Macs. After, ATF said Oops, that’s receiver is a machine gun.
  • And, of course, the Akins Accelerator nonsense.
  • I, for one, support the ideas of standards, accountability and consistency in government agencies.

    6 Responses to “H.R. 1791: Fairness in Firearms Testing Act”

    1. Robert Says:

      With an amendment that allows any Standard English Language usage to be used on any ATF form. That would include your abbreviations. If fact, check that. How about dumping the forms all together and just going with the NICS check. If they pass that, they get the gun. Reduce paperwork.

    2. Fat Bastard Says:

      “firing out of batter” ?

      Get back into the batter. Cook up good, and GET INTO MY BELLY!

    3. Magus Says:

      Easy fix. Delete the F from the ATF and also get rid of the pre-86 requirement on full autos.

    4. straightarrow Says:

      Magus, a better fix; get rid of the BATFE and incarcerate all its employees for conspiracy to deny civil right to all Americans. ALL! From the top dog to the janitor.

    5. markm Says:

      Will you get rid of federal alcohol and tobacco taxes too? Collecting those was the original purpose of this agency. I’m not sure whether firearms were tacked on because…

      1) Congress couldn’t think of where else to stick enforcement of the NFA,

      2) Congress knew the $200 NFA “fee” was really a tax, and here’s a tax-collecting agency,

      3) or, in 1934 the “revenooers” were the only federal agents that had much experience with guns…

    6. A bill: H.R. 1791 at Standard Mischief Says:

      […] Uncle talks about a badly needed BATFE reform: H.R. 1791 […]

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