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Hi Christian

I’d like to give a shout out to my homey, Christian Trejbal.

I see from my logs that you’re reading this post. No doubt, looking for the evil midnight bomber what sends mailing labels at midnight.

Stick around, you might learn something. Such as: yes, you are allowed to publish public information but that doesn’t mean you’re not an asshole. It does mean you’re an unethical nitwit.

In other news, no extra police patrols were ordered for the 135,000 concealed carry permit holders whose name and address you published at The Roanoke Times.

And you’re still a pussy.

Update: They’re fast at The Roanoke Times. They read this post too.

14 Responses to “Hi Christian”

  1. #9 Says:

    Christian Trejbal, if you are reading let me give you a suggestion. Try reading the Constitution. Your lack of ethics are an embarrassment.

    You call yourself a journalist?

    You are an activist masquerading as a journalist. I would like to have you answer a question, why do this? Would you publish a persons medical information?

    Do you feel this gives you some kind of control over people and their decisions? People have a Constitutional right to protect themselves.

    Come out and discuss your actions. I would like to hear why you do this.

  2. Adam Lawson Says:

    Psst, Roanoke Times, since you’re reading here:

    I hope your circulation drops rapidly as CCW holders cancel their subscriptions. 🙂

  3. Rustmeister Says:

    Maybe they sent him those labels so he could personally write an apology note to everyone he “outed”?

  4. Drake Says:

    Excellent usage of “midnight bomber what bombs at midnight, baby”

  5. straightarrow Says:

    You know, the department supplying Pussy Trej***, sorry lost the bal, has jurisdiction over the area where a lot of CCW holders live. Perhaps, each and every one of them should file a complaint about the added protection for this asshole, while leaving all the people he placed at danger unprotected.

    It is true that the cops have no duty to protect the individual citizen. But if they are going to do it on the taxpayers’ dime for this asshole, they should certainly do it for all those he placed in danger. That or leave him equally unprotected as the rest of their citizens. After all, he is the one causing the risk, the cops should be protecting his victims, not him.

    Several hundred complaints all signed in person at the cop shop ought to keep the cops busier than they wanted to be. If the citizens then receive discriminatory treatment in comparison to Trej, perhaps there is a lawsuit there. And one for the Roanoke Times should be in the offing, by any CCW holder suffering a crime, and especially by the unarmed for being spotlighted as easy prey by their exclusion from the list. With the article and a phone book or street guide, criminals now have a handy encyclopedia of victims and their habitats, with extra cautions being advised when robbing, raping, killing those people on the list. Now the bad guys can work up a handy risk assessment analysis to aid them in the success of their criminal activity. Thanks to Trej and The Roanoke Times.

    So it appears any crime victim in Va. may very well have a cause for action against them. Even should they survive the litigation it would be nice to see them bankrupted by legal bills.

  6. Sigivald Says:

    #9: The Constitution also says he can publish the names of people with permits.

    The Constitution, of course, doesn’t say it’s a good idea to do so, or not. It’s funny that way, being in that respect only a prohibition of certain actions by Government.

    (Also, I second what Drake said. Bad is Good, baby!)

  7. Guy Montag Says:

    I find this amusing, in a way. If that paper fires Christian Trejbal perhaps he/she (I have met people of both sexes by that first name) will find employment at The New Republic? Tell Eve that ‘Shooter’ says hi!

  8. vinnie Says:

    If I abused my second amendment rights the same way that this idiot abused his first amendment rights I would go to jail.

  9. JustDoIt Says:

    I read through all of the comments on the Roanoke site and found this one particularly interesting:
    Crime victim’s right to nondisclosure of certain information; exceptions; testimonial privilege.

    Upon request of any witness in a criminal prosecution under 18.2-46.2 or 18.2-46.3, or any crime victim, neither a law-enforcement agency, the attorney for the Commonwealth, the counsel for a defendant, a court nor the Department of Corrections, nor any employee of any of them, may disclose, except among themselves, the residential address, telephone number, or place of employment of the witness or victim or a member of the witness’ or victim’s family, except to the extent that disclosure is (i) of the site of the crime, (ii) required by law or Rules of the Supreme Court, (iii) necessary for law-enforcement purposes or preparation for court proceedings, or (iv) permitted by the court for good cause.

    Except with the written consent of the victim, a law-enforcement agency may not disclose to the public information which directly or indirectly identifies the victim of a crime involving any sexual assault, sexual abuse or family abuse, except to the extent that disclosure is (i) of the site of the crime, (ii) required by law, (iii) necessary for law-enforcement purposes, or (iv) permitted by the court for good cause.

    Nothing herein shall limit the right to examine witnesses in a court of law or otherwise affect the conduct of any criminal proceeding.

  10. #9 Says:

    The Roanoke Times has a poll where 98% of the 3353 people responding are against what the paper did. That is an amazingly high number.

    Here is their blog.

    This is one of the dumbest liberal activist move I have ever seen. I wonder if there will be court cases.

  11. gudis Says:

    Do I detect a The Tick reference? I want to see The Tick Vs. Christian Trejbal’s stupid face.

  12. Standard Mischief Says:

    Two things need to happen here.

    First, Christian Trejbal, needs to learn that same lesson Zumbo did, while we all may have freedom of speech, we don’t have freedom from the results of exercising that freedom of speech

    Second, Virginia needs to get Vermont. Just like Alaska did.

  13. mike hollihan Says:

    If you read this story from his paper, you’ll notice that the “bomb” was a box of mailing labels and mailers. Christian swears he doesn’t know anything about it.

    But it raises a question for me. One day, Christian receives (under cover of working for the newspaper) a list of concealed-carry permit holders in Virgiania. Several days later, he receives a box of mailing labels and mailers. Was he, perhaps, going to make copies of the list to send to someone else? Perhaps an anti-gun activist group or some other poltiical group?

    Now, one rule of investigation is “correlation is not causality.” Simply because two events occur together or in a particular order doesn’t always mean they are related. Nor does my hypothesising possible or potential reasons mean they might apply.

    Still, it makes one ask questions. Was there some other motive to Christian’s obtaining those records other than the stated one? Was the newspaper he works for used unknowingly for partisan political purposes? Is Christian hiding something, hence his protestations about the package?

    At least one poster in the comments did some Googling on him. Might be a good idea to see if he has any known political ties or activism links. Seems like something worth investigating.

    As long as it’s all done legally.

  14. Standard Mischief Says:

    If he’s getting all spooked over a box of mailing labels, perhape we should see if he has an amazon wish list or something.

    I know someone who needs a kalashnikitty t-shirt!

    (Nope, I’m only kidding)

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