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Death Match: Lenovo 17-inch wide-screen laptop v. 20oz bottle of Aquafina

By a score of $750, Aquafina wins.

Conversely, hats off to IBM repair service. It went like this:

Monday: I call. They tell me a box is on the way
Tuesday: Get box. Ship it
Wednesday: They get box. Call me with damage assessment
Thursday: I should get my laptop back

Excellent service.

7 Responses to “Death Match: Lenovo 17-inch wide-screen laptop v. 20oz bottle of Aquafina”

  1. #9 Says:

    What happened? Did it fall over into the keyboard?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    boss knocked it on the keyboard.

  3. nk Says:

    So if Junior is the daughter, is “boss” the “SayAunt”? Just trying to keep up.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    nah, the boss is my boss. The Big Man, Where The Buck Stops, etc.

  5. M. Neal Says:

    Lenova in the head line and IBM in the text?

    Lucky it was Aquafina and not Coke/Pepsi.

    Love good service!

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Well, lenovo bought ibm’s laptop business.

  7. Ravenwood Says:

    Isn’t this just another example of American Imperialism (Pepsi) over the ChiComs (Lenovo)?

    And that’s what you get for drinking Pepsi products and owning a Commy laptop.

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