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Pit Bull Blog

The Commercial Appeal has a blog set up to deal with the issue of bad dog owners. No, that’s a lie. They have a blog set up to deal with the issue of pit bulls. Despite the blog’s title (Menace Unleashed) and the scary graphics, the content isn’t completely hysterical.

The major factor in dog attacks (well, other than owners failing to restrain their pets which is really the only factor but you can’t count on people to be smart) is the reproductive status of the dog.

3 Responses to “Pit Bull Blog”

  1. What is Wrong with People who Fight Dogs? « Tiny Cat Pants Says:

    […] 5th, 2007 by Aunt B. Via my favorite internet uncle, a link to the Commercial Appeal’s pitbull blog. One word of warning: the video starts […]

  2. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    I’m often shocked at the number of people who grasp that it’s not guns that need be controlled but rather criminals…but fail to grasp that it’s unlawful, idiotic dog owners that need be done away with, not pit bulls.

    You’ll get my pit bull mix (a 40lb mutt that’s about as dangerous as a marshmallow) around the same time as you’ll get me to surrender my guns.

  3. ron.eye.mouse Says:

    I’ve had a mix pit bull female for about 8 years. She’s yet to
    attack a person of any size. She’s blind and near toothless now,
    I’d call that retirement.

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