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It’s now an internet verb right up there with Fisk and Dowdify. Discuss.

26 Responses to “Zumboed”

  1. Ravenwood Says:

    Has a nice ring to it. Way better than ostracized.

  2. nk Says:

    Don’t ____ where you eat? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you? Don’t mess with people who carry guns? Don’t drink and blog?

  3. JR Says:

    Zumbo could be the RKBA term for Quisling

  4. Rustmeister Says:

    Zumboed: To have your ass (the one you couldn’t find with both hands) handed to you at the speed of light.

  5. persimmon Says:

    It’s been entertaining to watch what happens when the delicate sensibilities of gun people are offended. Zumbo didn’t ask for semi-automatic weapons to be banned. He asked hunters to stop using them and wildlife agencies to ban their use for sport shooting. I suppose this could be construed as a slippery slope risk, if your sensibilities are really delicate. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    I’m just saying that you gun people can be every bit the language Nazi a dyke sociology professor can be. Your PC mob just cost a man his livelihood. His mistake was thinking he was dealing with rational human beings with a sense of humor, not sharks hitting frenzy mode at the scent of blood. He probably expected a little outrage, some angry letters, a chance to explain himself and discuss the matter. Not with gun people on a PC rampage.

    How does it feel to be a mob instead of a mind?

  6. SayUncle Says:

    err, no, persimmon. he called them terrorist rifles and equated owners with terrorists. try again.

  7. Darrell Says:

    Boo frickin’ hoo, Persimmon. He called us terrorists. We don’t fit his notion of polite society, livin’ it up on sponsored hunts on the company’s dime, getting freebie big bucks hunting weapons. He’s an Elmer Fudd who showed his colors, and he got what was coming to him. Big time. The Second Amendment ain’t about hunting.

  8. persimmon Says:

    I’ve been equated with a terrorist for years merely for being informed. Get in line, bitches. The only thing he was saying was that a real hunter does not need that kind of gun. Instead of arguing with him, you PCed him out of his livelihood. Are you proud?

  9. Bear Says:

    Are you using again Persimmon? Delicate sensibilities?
    He handed a big win to the Brady Bunch, dude! He called us freaking terrorists! He is a big fat slovenly blowhard and I couldn`t give a tinkers damn about his carreer. Don`t feel bad, just send him some money so he`s not on the dole with the other libtards.
    I`ll bet he`s feeling like the bad cop that just got tossed into the prison, hehe. Glad he`s gone. Gonna go buy a couple Remingtons this week, even though they suck until you rebarrel them and stock them properly.

    Outdoor life is on my shitlist until they can him. With guns, you are either with us, or against us. Remember my gun ownership is the only thing between you and slavery.

  10. persimmon Says:

    my gun ownership is the only thing between you and slavery.

    Are you threatening to enslave me?

    I don’t need your protection, and I’m not challenging your gun ownership. I’m making fun of your PC rant over the term “assault rifle.” Buy all the assault rifles you want. Buy machine guns. Buy rocket launchers. If the government can have it, the people can have it.

    Just stop being hypersensitive bedwetters, that’s all I ask. The guy was making fun of hunters without the sense to use appropriate firepower. Are any of you even hunters? Do you use appropriate weaponry? Every state prohibits cruel hunting practices of one sort or another, and hunting prairie dogs with AR-15s, just about any sport hunting with assault rifles is inappropriate, just like headlighting deer or shocking fish.

    Shoot your AR-15s at targets and fight your policy battles with words, not outrage and protest because your delicate gun language barometer is setting your sensibilities raging.

  11. straightarrow Says:

    Instead of arguing with him, you PCed him out of his livelihood. Are you proud?-persimmon.

    Goddamned right! He tried to negate one of the rights of every American based only on what he likes or, probably more accurately, what he thinks he can surrender of others while keeping what he wants as a privilege.

    I know this is anathema to you, but could you please know at least a little bit about a subject before you comment on it.

    I don’t hunt. Anymore. I used to hunt. I quit, when I could no longer carry it, and couldn’t eat it. Of course, you won’t understand the morality of that. So I won’t begin to explain it to you.

    You know damn well Bear wasn’t threatening to enslave you. You are one dishonest sonofabitch. I don’t believe anybody ever called you a terrorist. Who the Hell would be terrorized by such a PC sycophant? Not even little girls, so lose the self worship. I have yet to find a damn thing you are informed about, so that is at least, unproven.

    I am not going to bother to try to educate you. I have known too many in my lifetime just like you. The only thing you will defend is your ignorance.

    You know nothing of history, liberty, the Constitution, politics, or a damn thing else that men are supposed to know.

    To all others, if you want to try to educate this supercilious bastard have it. I warn you in advance he is uneducable.

  12. Bear Says:

    Straightarrow, you hit it on the head. You`d have to hit persimmon on the head with a baseball bat to get his attention and he`s still say “DUH”.

    Yes, I do hunt you useless pantywearing little pc pussy. I`ve hunted for 44 years and I`ll continue to hunt. An AR15 happens to be very effective on any North American game up to 300 pounds if the trigger operator has a clue. You do not fit the catagory of being capable of handling a BB gun. you don`t know shit about life, politics or guns. Whatcha doing? Diddling your penis while you try to irritate lawful gun owning Americans? Nice try cheeseball, you ain`t up to being a pimple on may ass.

    Again, I think you are a little boy, maybe with emotional issues, wanting attention, and jerking off to something you know nothing about. You need to know that even tho you don`t deserve to live in the USA, I`d fight and die for your right to speak your childish drivel. Something you would not have the balls to do for even yourself.

    I`m the first line of defense you have to keep you from being a serf, a slave, a little bug with no rights to speak the trash you talk.
    Wake up child. Your time is running out and when I`m old or gone, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
    Now shut the fuck up, I`m done with you and this

  13. SayUncle Says:

    Hypersensitive bedwetters? hah. Anyhoo, the guy screwed up and, thanks to the market, lost his job. Am I proud? Not really, don’t care that much. I said in another post I took his apology at face value.

    What I am proud of is that the pro-gun guys who aren’t hunters stuck together.

    And, had you bothered to look, you’d note that i pointed out gun owners are too quick to eat their own.

  14. persimmon Says:

    thanks to the market, lost his job

    Uncle , you’ve got more sense than the mob does. You recognize that the mob just ate one of its own. You listened to the man’s apology. But don’t pretend a lynch mob storming the market to claim a victim is some sort of rational negotiation. The guy lost his job because a bunch of hypersensitive langauge police threw a hissy fit.

  15. SayUncle Says:

    “The guy lost his job because a bunch of hypersensitive langauge police threw a hissy fit.”

    No, he lost his job because he equated a demographic as terrorists. Yes, the reaction was overblown some.

  16. Bear Says:

    Next time a nationally known and read gunwriter calls all legal gun owners and the military a bunch of terrorists, we`ll be sure to get ahold of Persimmon and ask him how much we can protest without being labelled a hypersensitive lynch mob.

    Hey persimmon, in the event that you actually have a job, try this. Walk into the office, and just for “FUN” try telling all the women in there that they are all a bunch of terrorists 5 days out of the month and see how long you have your life, much less your job.
    and what`s with the persimmon name? You some kinda stinky french fag boy?
    Maybe we`ll call YOU a terrorist for not supporting the war, or maybe we`ll call you a queer for wearing different clothes than us. You suck, but good gun owners like me will keep you free.

  17. SayUncle Says:

    Bear, seriously? Keep it civil.

  18. persimmon Says:

    Bear, you make my point for me so well and even decorate it with spittle! Thanks. War critics have been called terrorists for years now, and no one has been run out of their job for it. Rush Limbaugh calls a Democrat a terrorist about every 15 minutes. When is he going to lose his job? Ann Coulter literally calls for people to be murdered.

    We’ve seen left-wing lynch mobs drum politicians out of leadership positions, and now we’ve seen a gun-rights mob destroy a writer’s livelihood. For such a self-righteous defender of freedom, you seem remarkably unconcerned with Zumbo’s right to speak his mind. No, you didn’t completely silence him, but he didn’t threaten your right to own semi-automatic weapons either, just your ability to hunt with them.

  19. persimmon Says:

    Thanks for the request for civility, Uncle. Don’t worry, though, I’m not delicate. “stinky french fag boy” makes me laugh.

  20. SayUncle Says:

    “you seem remarkably unconcerned with Zumbo’s right to speak his mind.”

    He can do that. just don’t expect people not to get offended and take it out on his employer.

  21. persimmon Says:

    You spend a lot of time nitpicking the language the gun control crowd uses to talk about guns because you feel the use of inflammatory phrases like “assault rifle” puts you on a slippery slope toward further restrictions on gun ownership. Am I right?

    So where is the concern over a slippery slope toward a society where people are scared to speak their mind for fear of losing their job? What Zumbo said was not remarkable. Rhetorical associations of political opponents with terrorists are routine and usually more direct than Zumbo’s “terrorist rifle” comment. You’ve certainly got the right to boycott a magazine or a gun brand, just don’t pretend you’re champions of freedom while you stomp a man over a minor transgression. Don’t think it was minor? See “sensibilities, delicate.”

  22. SayUncle Says:

    So, it’s OK because he just called us terrorists a little bit?


    And I for one have not acted like a champion of freedom.

  23. straightarrow Says:

    “stinky french fag boy” makes me laugh. Perhaps you should make him quit tickling you? Just a thought. I’ve heard about those French ticklers.

    I find it ironic that you would silence us, while none of us would silence Zumbo. But we damn sure made our disagreement with him known. And no, it was not a minor mistake.

    That you do not understand the seriousness of his breach of faith with free men and more importantly his condemnation of constitutionally guaranteed unalienable rights says far more about you than a man should want known.

    His kind of hysteria has caused a devolution of liberty in this nation to a state of benevolent serfdom. Precisely because reasonable people didn’t throw hissie fits. We thought it beneath us to validate such nonsense with a response. Then much of that nonsense became the law of the land. Illegal law as it turns out, but enforced at gunpoint by the hired guns of government. So to not put too fine a point on it, kiss my ass.

    When you know something try again. I suspect I will be long dead before you become a man, let alone a man with any smarts.

  24. persimmon Says:

    arrow, you’re a real treasure. I’m not trying to silence you. I’m mocking you for being a hypersensitive bedwetter, and you just keep wetting the bed. By all means continue to dribble your invective down your leg. It’s a free country.

    Uncle, associating someone (or something like a rifle) with terrorists is certainly rude, but it is also pretty much White House policy as well as the go-to tactic for any number of radio and newspaper personalities wanting to attack Democrats or war critics. Given the large overlap between GWOT supporters and gun nuttery, I find the Zumbo flap quite hypocritical. Really, though, the weak link is Remington and the magazine for caving so rapidly to the hypocrites rather than weathering the storm and standing up for Zumbo’s right to express himself. They should have let him apologize and move on. I think you agree with me on that.

  25. straightarrow Says:

    persimmon you’re not smart enough to mock anybody. As I said we now know more about you than any man should want known about himself. It used to shame a man to be like you. Or should I say male. Not all males are men.

  26. SayUncle » Careful, you might get Zumboed Says:

    […] Don’t get your fucking panties in a bunch and get all boycott happy with Mr. Petzal. We need to educate and convince. Not go on witch hunts that hurt our cause. Or persimmon is right, we are hypersensitive bedwetters. […]

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