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Get thee to the range


A woman home alone with her two children in Morgan County’s Coalfield community fired a gun three times Friday morning to protect herself and her family.

Shortly after Suzanne Carson’s husband left for work, Carson said she went back to bed with her 3-year old daughter.

When she heard a noise, she got up to check on her 4-year old son, who was sleeping down the hallway.

Carson said she saw the face of a young man trying to open her back door.

She fired three times. The thug ran off, apparently uninjured. Now, I’m glad she ended the attempted break in but let’s imagine how the news would look if her round connected:

Stu Pidasshole, career criminal and thug, died today when his head was aerated by a 9mm. Diligent homeowner shot Mr. Pidasshole as he attempted to unlawfully enter her home, no doubt with nefarious intent. He was pronounced dead at the local hospital. Cause of death: brains seeing light of day.

See, isn’t that a much happier ending?

2 Responses to “Get thee to the range”

  1. _Jon Says:

    Too bad she wasn’t using a shotgun – less chance of a miss….

    /begins flame war…

  2. LissaKay Says:

    What? You mean to say that no media outlet would say something like “Crazed housewife kills poor young man outside of her home with massive firearm blast, endangering young children in the home and destroying property” followed up with interviews with the guy’s family testifying at what a good boy he was, and the woman’s neighbors saying things like “She was always kinda quiet. It’s always those quiet ones that do stuff like this.” Then the DA comes out saying charges will be filed, but he is unsure of whether it will be 1st degree murder or 2nd. The children whisked away to foster care, the home sold to pay for her legal defense, and her husband vilified and forced into exile?

    Oh wait .. never mind. That’s Morgan County, TN … not Morgan Hill, CA … lock n load, baby.

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