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Support for the second amendment

By not supporting the second amendment. I find it odd that progressives are trying to get the gun vote by being, well, anti-gun. Now, I’m as gun nut as gun nut gets but supporting weapons bans doesn’t seem to be pro gun:

By a margin of 77-21%, voters support renewing the assault weapons ban (66- 32% among gun owners).

What percentage of people actually know what the recently deceased arbitrary legal construct known as assault weapons is? I’d say not many. They are merely rifles that look a certain way and are identical in functionality to many other rifles.

6 Responses to “Support for the second amendment”

  1. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    It’s simple really–the VPC and the Brady Bunch and Ceasefire have openly admitted that they profit from the conflation in most peoples minds between full auto and semiauto weaponry.

    Most people think by lending their support to an AWB, they’re banning fully auto weapons.

    The gun grabbers have pulled off a public relations and marketing coup! We don’t have to like it, but we have to recognize the efficacy of their strategy and fight back with the converse tactic–and make people realize that semiauto civilian weapons are NOT bullet hoses for spraying down streets.

  2. Sean Braisted Says:

    Each side fudges the terminology in order to accomplish their goals. Conservatives renamed a tax on inherited wealth the “death tax” and what do you know? More people opposed it.

    I too think the AWB was kind of idiotic. If you want to have a bayonet lug, collapsable stock, and grenade launcher; I say good for you.

    However, I would agree that instant background checks are good, and after speaking with a gun-nut friend who worked at gun shows, he convinced me that the loophole should be closed.

  3. Rustmeister Says:

    PGP’s right.

    My dad, a Korean war vet, ex-Air Force Cop and owner of at least a half-dozen guns thought the AWB was about machine guns.

    His opinion changed when I told him his beloved M-1 Carbine could be on the list next time.

  4. JustDoIt Says:

    Someone wise once said, “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

    Stats are nothing more than tiny bits of bullshit stacked in a certain way to prove one side of an arguement. For everyone that uses statistics to “prove” their side of an arguement, someone else can take that same poll criteria to a divergent group of poeple and come up with equally convincing numbers for the opposing arguement.

  5. Ravenwood Says:

    I wonder how many of those polled were told or aware of the fact that efforts to “renew” the Clinton Gun Ban were actually imposing a stricter definition of “assault weapons” by lowering the bar for what qualifies as one.

  6. Murdoc Says:

    I can’t seem to discover when and where these numbers were gathered. Did I miss it?

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