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Montana getting all states rights again

Lately, Montana has a tendency to poke the feds with a stick. Their legislature condemned the Patriot Act; they asked politicos for federal office why they think they’re exempt from campaign finance laws; and introduced a bill a while back telling the feds to get out of their gun permit and drivers’ license process.

Well, David Hardy notes they’re at it again and have introduced a bill that says firearms made in Montana are not subject to federal gun laws. Well, the constitution says that too since Congress power to regulate interstate commerce should actually involve that items, you know, legitimately be involved in interstate commerce. Now, you folks that want machine guns don’t quite your jobs and buy some cows just yet. Seems the bill (text here) excludes machine guns (i.e., machine guns are still regulated).

5 Responses to “Montana getting all states rights again”

  1. Ken S Says:

    I really don’t expect it to make a whit of difference. The Supreme Court, after all, not long ago that marijuana grown at home for medicinal use at home is banned by federal law under the commerce clause.

  2. Ken S Says:

    Grr. “not long DECIDED”

    Coffee ain’t kicked in yet.

  3. markm Says:

    Ken, try “not long AGO decided”. Do you brew that coffee or just eat it straight?

    Just teasing, I understood you the first time.

  4. markm Says:

    It seems the “machine gun” exclusion for this law is any weapon that “discharges two or more projectiles” with one trigger pull. Has the writer heard of shotguns?

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