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Assault Handgun Update

In comments about the new made-up handgun, Sailorcourt says:

I looked up the Maryland Code. They actually do criminalize possession of “assault pistols” but the affected weapons are identified by model. Colt revolvers are not on the list.

Armed with this information, I emailed the author of the piece yesterday and asked her about it. She replied that it was the editor’s fault. The editor called her at 7:00pm and requested that she put in “those details”. She said that the two named weapons were the ones that the attorney general’s office “mentioned from the warrant they had at their fingertips”.

I responded that the phrasing indicates that the two named firearms are examples of “assault handguns” and that the paragraph implies that their mere possession indicated criminal activity. I further mentioned that, out of the 143 firearms seized, the most “scary” ones they could come up with to specifically name were two revolvers?

She has not, at this point, responded to my second email.

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