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So, what next?

LaPierre says it was a good year for gun rights. Indeed it was one of the better we’ve seen with castle doctrine, more states allowing concealed carry, the ban on gun confiscations during emergencies, and some significant state level victories. But what next? I have some ideas.

First, with the change in power going to a San Francisco liberal, expect a push to ban weapons that look like assault weapons. So, go on offense with that one now.

Second, time to get rid of the sporting purpose language in the law.

Third, will somebody please do something about the ATF? I’m not calling for them to be disbanded like the purists. The fact is, we are going to have federal gun laws. And, if we do, someone will enforce them. Their recent troubles include:

A circuit court smacks them down for their ruling on model rockets;

An agent testified under oath that the NFRTR (the NFA weapons database) was corrupt

Having budget issues due to mismanagement;

Being investigated for breaking he law at Virginia gun shows.

And they’ve had funds cut for some of their rather, err, dubious programs.

The ATF Director has resigned over excessive and lavish spending.

The now former head of the ATF ordered staff to do his nephew’s homework.

And there may be somewhat of an internal revolt at the agency. David Hardy posts an email from a group called ATFers United against Mismanagement and Misconduct.

Also, their fickle minds are potentially bankrupting people and making criminals out of the law-abiding since they can decide what is or is not law. There needs to be oversight of the agency.

2 Responses to “So, what next?”

  1. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner Says:

    Join the JPFO.

  2. SayUncle » Neil Smith’s Letter to the NRA Says:

    […] A while back, I asked of the NRA What Next? Well, Neil Smith wrote a letter on the issue of NRA’s priorities a bit back. It’s a good read. I don’t agree with all of it but some points leap out at me. Like: FOURTH, in the same context, I’d want the NRA to disconnect all future discussion of the Second Amendment from the totally unrelated topic of crime. My rights have nothing whatever to do with anything anybody else does, right or wrong. If the crime rate were only 1/10 that of today, my rights would be unaffected. Likewise, if the rate were TEN TIMES what it is, it would have nothing whatever to do with my individual right to own and carry weapons. […]

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