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Akins Accelerator Update

The Akins Folks have posted the letter rescinding prior approval of the stock system for a Ruger 10/22 that facilitated bump-firing. They have the other approval letters and such too. Very inconsistent and, honestly, just made up as the ATF went along.

Translation: Wait, it works? Then it’s a machine gun. By the rationale they’re using here, any semi-automatic firearm capable of being bump-fired (i.e., all of them) is potentially a machine gun. Some notes on the fly:

Says someone asked them to review the device. I wonder who? My guess is: someone who bought one wanted to get their own letter or a gun maker who didn’t want their gun associated with the device.

Basically says: We changed our mind.

trigger has been re-defined

anything without a trigger can’t be a machine gun

your finger acts as an auto-sear yet a finger is not a firearm

any semi-auto can “shoot or readily restore to shoot….. by single function of the trigger” by this logic

Post 86 MGs can’t be registered, so many people are out some major $$$

Background here.

2 Responses to “Akins Accelerator Update”

  1. Jay G Says:

    Shorter ATF ruling: Hey Atkins owners? You’re f**ked.

  2. nk Says:

    The ATF pictures were helpful. I finally understood what everyone was talking about. When I was going to the range, I had one guy on my right who had installed a bull barrel on his 10/22 himself. He was taking a shot every ten minutes on the fifty-yard range. Waiting for the barrel to cool down. He was looking for a group no bigger than .22 of an inch. One shot on top of another. (I always had the feeling that he was using his spotting scope to check my target and laughing at me behind my back.) Different strokes for different folks.

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