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The Airing of Grievances: TeeVee

To all executives or producer or whoever the Hell decides formatting:

I appreciate the fact that you guys want to get your logo and stuff out there but here’s the deal: I own a plasma TeeVee. So, whenever you leave your gay little logo on the bottom right of the screen, I risk it permanently burning into my TeeVee screen. I had to run the screen restore stuff this weekend because a ghost image of the Noggin logo kept showing up.

You guys should fire everyone who writes for you now and go hire some random chump off the street. TeeVee people are completely devoid of original thought these days. There’s always my idea, if you’re desperate. And you are.

4 Responses to “The Airing of Grievances: TeeVee”

  1. Billy Beck Says:

    It always amuses me to watch, say, a report in which essential parts of the visual action are occluded under some dipshit graphic banner. I sit drumming my fingertips on the desk, counting seconds into whole minutes, sometimes, and thinking, “Okay; I can see what’s going on here. How come the Technical director can’t see it and call the shot?”

    In thirty years as a rock tour stage lighting director, I’ve had many occasions to work with these people. Their attitudes are simply outrageous in the context of their astounding myopia. They are the ultimate propeller beanie-headed geeks.

    Television production is one of the lamest sub-cultures I ever saw in my life. Really; they’re nearly as bad as congress, except that they can’t prevail upon us with force.

  2. EllieK Says:

    Firefly – cancelled before the end of its first season.
    My Name is Earl – just signed for its third season.

    Does this say more about the decision making at television studios? Or the general public?

    Either way, I have given up on television as a quality entertainment medium.

  3. anonymous Says:

    I gave up on TeeVee years ago. It’s all a bunch of misandrist crap anyway. Why pay to have folks remind me that as a white man I’m personally responsible for all historical evils and I’m an incompetent boob to boot?

    Lots more time now to play with guns, Al Gore’s Intertubes, and screw women of low moral character. 🙂

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