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Burchett and WATE


Seems State Senator Burchett broke the law when he threatened lethal force against four teenagers because those teenagers were unarmed and the incident occurred at a place of business. Well, according to WATE (link):

Still no corrections issued regarding the irresponsible info they gave.

Update: For those just joining us, I am not of the opinion that Senator Burchett broke the law. However, if the aforementioned WATE article were factually accurate, then the law would have been broken.

3 Responses to “Burchett and WATE”

  1. R. Neal Says:

    His interview sure was embarrassing.

  2. SayUncle Says:


  3. #9 Says:

    I also submit that Senator Burchett followed the law. My point is that hesitation or confusion can cause loss of life in a self defense situation.

    This is a serious issue and WATE’s irresponsible and error riddled reporting must be corrected.

    I cannot say which is worse, WATE’s irresponsible reporting or the Metro Pulse’s irresponsible editorial. Both media outlets are free to make a fool of themselves but there is a question of their responsibility to the community.

    Take for example this quote from the Metro Pulse editorial, “First he put himself at risk by drawing his weapon when he says he saw a gun come out of the young man’s pocket.” What is the writer saying here? He or she is saying that Commissioner Lambert should not have defended himself. Be docile little lamb and hope that this guy will be merciful. Don’t take that chance. Fight for your life. It is worth it.

    There are other examples of this sheep like forget the Constitution type insanity. From Gene Patterson’s blog a commenter named “softballmom” writes, “A better solution is to have some kind of monitor in their pocket that can radio the police, and keep the robber talking until the police can get there and take action. I am not saying to not have a gun, just keep it in the desk drawer instead of his pants pocket!!”

    So instead of a pendant you wear around you neck that dials the phone and says, “Help, I have fallen and I can’t get up” softballmom would prefer a message, “Help, I am looking down the barrel of a big gun and I need help RIGHT NOW”. Bullets travel at near the speed of sound. Police cars travel much slower. You do the math. It is your life.

    Both Commissioner Lambert and Senator Burchett followed the law and obeyed the Constitution. And they are both alive today. They both set a good example of responsible citizen use of a firearm in the protection of their lives and property. Both should be commended.

    I don’t know if this is temporary insanity or two local media outlets trying to give Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam cover for his foolish decision to join New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Let confiscate the guns” movement.

    Irresponsible and yellow journalism should not be tolerated. WATE and the Metro Pulse have disregarded their commitment to responsible journalism. The question is should you make your voice heard on this issue?

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