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Knock that off

Seems everyone is up in arms (heh) over a potential victory for the Democrats sometime soon. So, they’re talking about their The DiFi/Schumer/Pelosi/McCarthy Contingency Fund (the guns they buy if the Democrats take control because they fear a ban of, well, everything).

Well, knock it off. It’s like you’re admitting you’ll be defeated. The Dems aren’t gonna go gun-grabbing right of the bat. They learned not to do that back in 1996 when they lost after the Assault Weapons Ban passed. Even Bill Clinton acknowledged such. They likely won’t go gun-banning due to political expediency. So, if they do, keep the pressure on politically.

One Response to “Knock that off”

  1. #9 Says:

    All joking aside the Bloomberg group may be the new model. It should be a concern to anyone that believes self defense is an inherent right.