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We’re winning

A Gallup Poll:

Since 2000, the percentage of people who view having a gun as making a house more dangerous has fallen from 51 to 43 percent, while at the same time the percentage that view a gun as making a home safer has gone up from 35 to 47 percent.


4 Responses to “We’re winning”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    Not the way “Progressives” measure it. Heh, heh, heh!

  2. tgirsch Says:

    It’s actually a stupid question, frankly. Does a gun in the house make it safer or more dangerous? Depending on the circumstances, it can do either. A well-trained individual who shoots regularly, maintains his gun properly, and stores it properly (and teaches gun safety to everyone in his family) very likely makes his home safer. Some dumb goober who has a gun and does none of these things very likely makes it more dangerous.

    As you hoplophobe-ophobes (copyright 2006 tgirsch) like to point out, the gun is just a tool. It has no inherent value for or against home safety.

  3. markm Says:

    But if’s for the children.

    I feel that if you’re too stupid to keep guns out of the hands of your children, you shouldn’t be breeding – but I’ll feel sorry for your children, whether they kill themselves or have to live with you…

  4. Ron W Says:

    It’s also important to keep the “assault knives” away from the children and, as they get older, the booze, lest they take it and drive drunk and kill themselves and others. Oh, I forgot to mention fists. Fists are ues to hurt and kill others.

    But whether it be guns , knives, alcohol, fists, etc. let’s keep the government out of our homes and off our persons. The law should penalize those who ABUSE any of those, especially to commit the crime of assault, robbery, rape, murder, etc…

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