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American Airlines updated

You may recall they were stupid and took my ammo, despite assurances from their customer service team and the Knoxville agents that it was OK. Well, they basically told me tough tittie. Between this and Delta Airlines being stupid, I’m running out of airlines to fly on.

2 Responses to “American Airlines updated”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    And they know it too.

    They don’t have to worry too much about customer service because they know that the government will always bail the industry out as a whole.

    The entire industry is so tightly woven in with the government (TSA, FAA, etc), and it’s so hard to come up with the capital to break into the industry, that innovation and regular market forces rarely make a showing.

  2. Ed Buckby Says:

    Southwest rules . . . They’ve never given me crap for anything I’ve loaded on the plane. “As long as it’s unloaded and your bullets are in your bags, you’re fine!”