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Working is a privilege

Because I Can:

The state legislature first says you canít practice without getting a license, which of course is provided by the state and not an independent party. But the license isnít free. You have to pay annually or semi-annually to keep it. But not only do you have to pay for your license, you have to pay an annual tax on it. Essentially the legislature found out that they had a list of people that are hostage to them because they work in their chosen profession at the discretion of the state. So they decided to pick their pockets for an extra little something. They make you get a license, then they make you pay tax on the license to keep it.

I’ve bitched about it before. Seems I don’t have a right to work.

Via AC.

One Response to “Working is a privilege”

  1. Xrlq Says:

    One of the most popular sucker answers on the multiple choice portion of the bar exam (the MBE, used in just about every state) is any answer in which the constitutionality of a law depends on whether X is a “privilege” or a “right.” As between you and the government, no such distinction exists.