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I knew movies sucked but . . .


There are three books in all and each is worth the effort: Point of Impact, Black Light, and Time to Hunt. I’m reading additional novels he has penned. If you get a chance, I would read them before Hollywood ass-fucks them.

2 Responses to “I knew movies sucked but . . .”

  1. USCitizen Says:

    You listed three of MY favorites … don’t forget Dirty White Boys or Hot Springs either.

    Stephen Hunter’s eulogy to Hathcack at was also moving.

    Also, check out Lee Childs – The Killing Floor, The Enemy, … all of them!

    Good reads! I bought them all!

  2. Kit Says:

    I LOVED Day Before Midnight (not listed above, but I highly recommend it) and read Point of Impact but had a tough time liking it. The book was great – but the main character was so hard to like. He had virtually no redeemable qualities whatsoever, so I couldn’t really pull for him in the book. The premise of the plot was nifty though.