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Gun Economics

Heh. People are also surpised when you want buy their used gun at the new price.

2 Responses to “Gun Economics”

  1. chris Says:

    Check out GunsAmerica or Gunbroker and verify Tam’s observations.

    I asked a guy about an auction gun a few weeks ago (via e-mail or pm), and the price went up immediately.

    Based on what he had indicated, he checked his “records” and had posted it too low.

    Apparently, everyone else thinks so, because it had no offeres before or after my inquiry, and it remains on the same auction.

    Nice try.

    When I sell a gun, I price it to move it, and usually do rather quickly.

    The way I look at guns is that you really don’t own them – you just rent them.

  2. chris Says:

    Uh, make that “no one else thinks so” in the 4th sentence above.

    Bad grammar, even worse spelling, this time of the week.