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More on the AHSA

I mentioned it here. David has more on them, including:

AHSA’s president, John Rosenthal, founded “Stop Handgun Violence,” and is as big a gungrabber as you will find. Their Board of Directors include honchos from Crime Guns Solutions, ex-BATF careerists who worked to give ammo to the gun maker lawsuits. CGS exec Gerald Nunziato had this to say:

““If it wasn’’t for criminals, there wouldn’’t be a gun industry in this country. The only people [NRA and other gun-rights groups are] protecting are criminals.”

2 Responses to “More on the AHSA”

  1. Captain Holly Says:

    Here’s more evidence of their wanker status: On their webpage’s “shooting resources” link for places to shoot in Utah they link to the Utah Shooting Sports Council page, an organization that can be described as being to the political right of the NRA.

    The only people who support this organization are left-of-center outdoor writers. You know, the kind that get upset that someone besides them gets to hunt on public land.


  2. M1Thumb Says:

    I would encourage everyone to post some commentary on that clown’s article (Bill Schneider). David Codrea left him a good scolding.

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