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The five suspects pulled up in a car and confronted the victim in the 500 block of Penn Street just before midnight.

The victim began running down the street yelling for help. Residents who heard him called 911. While he was running, the victim pulled a pocket knife from his backpack.

Two of the robbers jumped from the car. When one of the robbers pointed a shotgun at him, the victim kicked it out of his hands.

At that point two of the robbers jumped on the victim. During the struggle he stabbed both of them. One, a female, died of her wounds. A second is in critical condition.

Don’t ever jump a Marine, apparently. Note to the press: Is the Rambo reference really necessary?

4 Responses to “Wow!”

  1. FishOrMan Says:

    Yeah, and the press once again doesn’t give us enough information about that knife. We WOULD really like to know.

    As for Autry being remorseful, he need not be.

  2. MuD&PHuD Says:

    No Such Things As A

    Methinks this is was not the first time Mr. Autry had been faced with violence:

  3. Sigivald Says:

    Wasn’t John Rambo a Army SF guy anyway? Not, you know, a Marine at all?

    Silly media. Never watched the movie, or never realised there’s a difference.

  4. The Comedian Says:

    More on this attack:

    Ex-Marine: ‘I Was Going to Survive’

    Grady senior charged, jailed in attack on Marine 17-year-old was due to graduate

    Grady High School’s graduation ceremonies went smoothly as planned Wednesday, despite recent off-campus violence involving current and former students that has stunned many at the school.

    At least one member of the graduating class who should have received his diploma Wednesday night, along with his 250 classmates, is behind bars accused in an armed robbery assault on a former Marine on Memorial Day night.

    Kendall Barksdale, 17, and at least three other students who attended Grady High were part of a teenage robbery crew who attempted to rob Thomas Autry at gunpoint as Autry walked home from work at a Midtown Atlanta restaurant, police said. Autry killed one and critically wounded another of the attackers with a pocket knife after he first tried to flee, police said. Amy Martin, 17, who dropped out of Grady as a sophomore on May 10, is dead, school officials said. Autry critically wounded Christopher Daniel, 19, according to police. Daniel was a senior at Grady, but was not on the roster to graduate, school officials said.

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