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Online gun chat

Go here now (about 2:10) to chat with a supposed expert on gun safety. Addison asked:

I asked a question.

I asked if my low SN 1903 would be safe with modern factory ammo.

He is a safety expert, right?

Wonder if he’ll answer it?

Update: I submitted:

You claim Hemenway is unbiased? The DOJ cites numbers much higher than any of your sources regarding defensive gun uses (which often go unreported). And you list anecdotal examples. You seem to reference the discredited Kellermann study in today’s piece. Despite your claims, armed active resistance has been shown to be the most effective deterrent to crime. Not off to a swimming start. But here goes:

Do you advocate keeping guns locked up and never mentioning them? Seems a bit odd as, while I can control access at my home, I can’t control access when my kids are at others’ homes. Thoughts on kids and gun safety when they’re at another’s home? Seems teaching them real gun safety would be more beneficial than the head in the sand version.

Update 2: And there it is:

As hardy points out in the article i’ve alraedy cited,”passive prevention efforts require no effort at all on the part of individuals (for example, choosing not to own a firearm).


Update 3: Heh. Looks like the copied and pasted wrap up has been posted. None of my questions nor question readers told me they wrote have been answered. And hes’ broken out the propaganda by pro-gun advocates and their flawed tendentious research. He does that and quotes Hemenway? Puh-lease. Not surprised.

5 Responses to “Online gun chat”

  1. robert Says:

    I mentioned the 557 reported arrests during Urban Beach Week reported on Drudge and the 18 deaths during Bike Week last spring. I asked the doctor if he would comment on those numbers versus the zero fatalities or injuries during the 104 years of NRA Championships at Camp Perry.

    I’m sure he got around to answering it.

  2. pdb Says:

    I especially like how he went after Lott without mentioning his name! Can’t have the ignorant proles googling for a second opinion, after all.

  3. Wickedpinto Says:

    Somehow, a discussion of the former Marine who had the misfortune of killing a fellow coutrymen in a combat action with a knife turned into a broad discussion about handguns.

    and it is now turning into a concealed carrey question. I’m not a gun guy, but I know “stuff” that ads up to “just enough to be stupid enough to F everyone up”

    There is one guy, “Dave” who knows a thing or two, but is there anyway that I, and my fellows at AoSHQ might be able to direct or questions/ or rather find the answers so that we can find the right questions to ask about acceptable concealed carry combinations? including the weapon itself as well as holsters, and recommend self defense rounds and such?

    Just a question, sorry to inject it into this thread.

    this is the Perma to the comment thread, and maybe you and your fellow gun bloggers could help out those who need help/suggestions about the best way to prepare yourself. (for instance I loved the mossberg post you linked to abou the 410 with birdshot as home defense)

    AoS Questions

    I always screw this up. so here’s the long if my BAD attempt failed as expected.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Pinto, I don’t understand what you’re asking.

  5. SayUncle » Gun storage safety Says:

    […] save your life and the lives of others. Safety experts will typically tell you not to have a gun (see?), which is not conducive to safety but more political posturing. So, take it with a grain of salt. […]